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Baymen Volume 2 No 2

No description

HBMS Newspaper

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Baymen Volume 2 No 2

By: Adrian Santamaria
Vol II, No. 2
The Baymen Ink Press
January, 2018
Priceless $
By: Maya Sanabria
Vol II, No. 2
The Baymen Ink Press
January, 2018
Priceless $
Advisors: K. Colihan and
L. Fitzgibbon
Editor: M. Sanabria
Staff: H. Benitez, K. Velasquez,
E. Montoya, A. Sequeira, G. Betta, E. Robinson, D. Zangrillo, J. Fallo, L. Lopez, C. Vasquez, J. Mora, S. Datsyuk, L. Ogara
Newspaper Club Staff!
By: Meghan Peterson
The News Club is perfect for those who love writing, drawing, and photography! Ms. Colihan and Ms. Fitzgibbon work with us here in room 706. We have loads of fun, and there’s always something new to report on! Book Fairs, Clubs, Field Trips, and more!

Come join the fun, bip bip hooray!
Drama Club Releases Casting Results For Mary Poppins!
Mary Poppins - Samantha Coulton
Bert - Elijah Amos
Jane Banks - Isabelle Caine
Michael Banks - Zoey Engeldrum
Winifred Banks - Carly Dunn
George Banks - Rieve Nydegger
Miss Andrew - Ella Stotzky
Mrs. Brill - Meega Lennon
Robertson Ay - Michael Poremba
Katie Nanna - Maya Sanabria
Bird Woman - Erin Erosnan
Mrs. Corry - Elle Dunkirk
Miss Smyth - Emily Malone
Nemuleus - Katie Peterson
Von Hussler - CJ Peterson
Chairman - Riley Gerson
Auditions were held, and the next afternoon, results were released! If you haven't already seen them, here's a synopsis of our play and who is acting in it!

Mary Poppins Jr. Broadway is our play! Itś a fun musical of the original Mary Poppins, with lots more parts and songs. And now for the casting call-

Opening Act: Valeria Gamboa, Sofia Galvan, Aniyah Williams, Olivia Allen, Tania Quiros, Kaya Rayner, Mia Schoerlin, Gianna Betta, Emily Malone, Maya Sanabria, Alexis Orien, Alexa Bahamondes, Deykel Berrocal

And many more in the ensemble! We will work hard and make this yearś play the best!

We all know the platform, YouTube, but if you don’t, it’s basically where you can watch videos, play games, or create Vlogs (video blogs) online. I’m going to name some popular channels! If you love Minecraft, then you should absolutely go to “Aphmau” (Jessica Brauva’s) channel! She has over 3 million subscribers and does videos with her friends. If you love gaming then check out “CoryXKenshin” who plays a bunch of games of various genres such as horror, comedy, and plays “Duck Season”, which is his favorite game! He has 2 million subscribers! If you’re more into Vlogging, then check out “Roman Atwood”. He does family Vlogs about his life and has about 13 million subscribers! Sometimes he plays games too! If you love “Roblox”, then you should definitely check out “Flamingo”. He plays “Roblox” mostly, on a game called “Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid”. He also plays with his friend Jake and has over 4K subs!
Parent's Logic

By: Gianna Betta and Emily Robinson
Winter Care for Your Dog
In the winter, your dog requires special care because of the cold weather. Here are some tips about how you can take care of your dog.

First, you should get your dog a doggie coat/sweater and make sure they are very well hydrated because they might get a little sweaty in the coat. A coat can help prevent them from getting sick.

Next, you should keep your dogs' ears dry. After your dog goes outside dry their ears to prevent painful infections.

Third, you should always keep your dogs' feet dry. You should trim their hair on the paws after a trip into the snow, but not too short!

Fourth, KEEP YOUR DOGS AWAY FROM SALT AND DE-ICERS! They are not only bad for your dogs' paws, but can be toxic when ingested.

Fifth, limit your dogs' time outdoors. They might love to make snow angels, but this could cause frostbite or hypothermia.

Lastly, you should always research your dogs because they may need specific care for the winter.

The website we used was: stories.barkspot.com/winter-proof-your-dog.

One more thing. You should always make sure your dogs' collar fits right. Try using the two finger rule! Make sure there is enough room for your two fingers to fit underneath your dogs' collar. That way, it isn't too loose or too tight against their neck.

Happy winter with your doggie!
Some resolutions people have for the New Year are:

1. Exercise
2. Make healthy food choices
3. Practice your faith/be more spiritual
4. Work harder in school
5. Learn to play more music
6. Draw more

By: By Liam O’Gara
2018 New Year Resolutions
Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger is a great twist on legends and myths. It blends fantasy with the daily life of a teenager with action and drama.
Sophie Foster developed strange abilities after an accident. One day, a strange boy appears and explains to her that she is a Telepath and tells her about elves.
Keeper of the Lost Cities is an intricate, funny, and emotional book. The characters are believable and relatable. They act like people you might talk to in everyday life, and are three dimensional. Everyone has a reason for their personality. The plot is full of twists and turns, and the unique writing style has you connect to the characters in a new way.
However, like any series, it has received some criticism. This series is a hit or miss; some have found this book unoriginal, while others have found it exciting. Do not be put off by the first book. The books are each at least more than 400 pages, so be patient when reading.
In conclusion, the fantasy series Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger is a wonderful blend of humor and adventure.

By: By Svetlana Datsyuk
Keeper of the Lost Cities Review
In this interview I interviewed Mrs.Metzger

Q-How did you like the concert?
A -The part that I loved the most is everyone coming together and hearing the songs we have been working on being performed.

Q-How do you think your choir can improve?
A-There is no need to improve because we always work hard and we were perfect when we sang.

Q-Have you ever taught/dreamed of teaching another subject than Chorus?
A-I have been a sub in many subjects. I also have dreamed of being either an English or Social Studies teacher.

Q-Have you ever played Beethoven?
A-Yes, it’s hard I even sang it with the Philadelphia choir.
The Scoop: Winter Concert Edition
By: Andrew Sequeira
Time out from "snow much fun"!
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