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Tragic Hero Project

No description

Aron Taylor

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Tragic Hero Project

Aron Taylor Tragic Hero Hamlet Okonkwo Oedipus Tragic Hero of the Year Awards 2013
Antarctica Edition The Nominees:
Oedipus of Oedipus Rex
Hamlet of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Okonkwo from Things Fall Apart Definition- Relationships- Actions or Thoughts- Death- Redemptive Efforts- Legacy- Definition- Relationships- Actions or Thoughts- Death- Redemptive Efforts- Legacy- Definition- Relationships- Actions or Thoughts- Death- Redemptive Efforts- Legacy- Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark! The title of prince takes care of he "hero" part pretty easily. But Hamlet is not the story book prince in this play. He has gone insane, his thoughts are crazy. The way he murders Polonius and hides his body in he stairs defines his state of mind. A prince with such prestige cannot keep his life together in his head. Hamlet is in pursue of revenge for his father's death. This drives him to want to kill Claudius. Hamlet wouldn't have attempted to murder Claudius if his father's ghost wouldn't have came and inspired him. Also the relationship of Hamlet and Ophelia ultimately drives the two insane. Hamlet is very smart. The way he works the whole situation of being shipped out on the boat, and being able to work around it an get back home. But his actions are lacking. He is a man of thought. The death of Ophelia crushes Hamlet. He jumps in her grave and begs to be buried with her. The death of his father is also an inspiring figure to Hamlet when he learns Claudius was behind it. Hamlet is inspired by the death of his loved ones. His mothers death caps it off and drives his sword into Claudius' chest. And Hamlet's death is looked at as noble. Given all the honors deserved to a Prince by Fortinbras and his army. Hamlet straight turns around and goes back to Denmark after being shipped away. He figures out he has been sent to his death and wont take any of that. He also does his best to avenge the death of his father. But he isn't very successful because everyone dies in the end. Hamlet will continue to be loved by his people even in his death. Horatio is the only living survivor of the whole mess and everybody dying. He vows to do nothing but tell the story of what went down in the kingdom of Denmark. And you can't help but feel bad for Hamlet. His whole family is dead, including himself. Okonkwo is the mightiest warrior in the clan. He is a very prosperous farmer and has a large family. But he has a flaw a very large flaw. Okonkwo is scared. His fear is unique, he fears weakness. This fear makes him an angry man. Okonkwo takes his fear out on his family and eventually a Gringo. Okonkwo feels like real men are dwindling in his clan. With such a pride for power and honor Okonkwo's tragic flaw is revealed. Okonkwo despises his father. Most people aspire to be just like their fathers. However, Okonkwo is completely opposite. His fear of weakness is fueled by his father who is at the bottom of the clan and in debt to many people. Okonkwo inherits no yams or farm from his father. He starts from the bottom, determined to make a name for himself. Saying Okonkwo is a man of action is an understatement. He is th definition of hothead. He beheads the messenger at the meeting, with no sign of thought. He beats his wife on the week of peace, he didn't think twice. Okonkwo is driven by his anger and fear. And ultimately in his death he is a coward, and doesn't think twice. His mind doesn't think fast enough to keep up with his muscles and pride. Okonkwo kills himself. In my mind he is a coward. He wont live to face his fear. He wont live to see his clan fall all the way apart. He feels like he has done all he can. But I want to know how he can be satisfied with his actions and how he's going out. He death is unclean to his people, as they are not allowed to touch his body or take him down from the tree. But even in this act he is remarked as one of the most honorable men in the clan; driven to death by the white men. Okonkwo's whole life is spent trying to redeem himself. He starts out climbing the ladder in his clan after a great debt brought onto him by his father. He gets the loan of yams and fights through his unsuccessful plating seasons. Then after his exile he spends his time in his mothers land fighting to redeem himself in the eyes of the people in Mbanta and for his own self esteem. Then in his return from exile he must try to redeem his village back to their fierce warrior ways. His measures seem to be futile because he just goes and hangs himself from a tree. This gives the audience a great amount of sympathy towards Okonkwo because of his failure. Nobody wants to see such a powerful man be unsuccessful; the good guy should always win. Okonkwo left behind a lot of kids, multiple wives and many of yams. Okonkwo was regarded as a powerful man in Umofia for his victory over Cat and his prosperity and wealth. Even in his death he was said to be one of the most powerful men in the clan. The way he went out definitely mad the audience feel sorry for him. I think a lot of us were mad because we were expecting an all out war between the natives and whites. But the way Okonkwo seems to be the only one willing to fight sent many of us back to a time where were the only person fighting for our cause. Oedipus was bound to be a king. However his fortune told by the oracle led his parents to attempt to get rid of him. The tragic part seems to be that despite all the measures taken to prevent Oedpius from killing his father he still ended up doing it. And the even worse part was that he didn't know it was his father. And he didn't know that he made sister daughters and brother sons with his mom. Oedipus became close with his father who he ended up with, ironically another king. This led him to believe this was his true father and that the man he killed who was his real father was just another man. This relationship with his adoptive father was the reason he felt no remorse for killing his real dad and playing monopoly with his mom. Oedipus is clearly a man of action. Not thinking once to question his childhood. His actions increase the dramatic irony throughout the piece and make the audience more and more scared for Oedipus as he digs himself a deeper and deeper hole. Then he stabs out his eyes. I think this was very drastic, but i mean he slept with his mom and that was pretty drastic too. But he didn't think much into it causing the audience to feel nothing but pity for Oedipus and his lack of sight. Oedipus first had to loose his physical sight to gain mental sight. Oedipus was a warrior, death did not phase him. Oedipus's death was not physical it was more internal. As soon as he found out what he had done by fulfilling his destiny, he was dead. He was not physically dead he was mentally and emotionally dead. This is most significant because it brings the theme of the story to a conclusion. He had no clue what had happened, but as soon as he found out his life was over. He simply removed his physical sight. How could he live and have to look people including his mom in the eyes? Everyone is going to feel bad for the guy with no eyes. He was already in a bad enough situation. Then he had to go and top it off by going blind. Poor guy. Sadly, Oedipus will forever be remembered as the son who killed his father to play monopoly with his mom. This story will forever be read to keep people from making the same mistake.
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