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Edrolen Umadhay

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of UNWIND

Neal Shusterman
" 'No, but he could think everyone else
one, and then crush it.' Clearly that gives Connor pause for thought.
, thinks Risa.
He needs to think
He needs to strategize
. 'Why are you telling me this?'...'Because you are his biggest threat'...'Me?' 'You're a fighter--everyone knows that. And they also know that you don't take crap from anyone. Have you heard kids mumbling about how someone oughta do something about Roland?'...'Yeah'....'They only say that when you're close enough to hear. They're expecting
to do something about him--and Roland knows it.' He tries to wave her off, but she gets in his face. 'Listen to me, because I know what I'm talking about. Back at StaHo there were always dangerous kids who bullied their way into power. They were able to do it because they knew exactly who to take down, and when. And the kid they took down the hardest was the one with the greatest potential for taking
down.' " (146-147)

Alliances help people survive. People must rely on each other. People must be reliable to each other for an alliance to function. People must take an effort to create alliances with each other. Alliances, reliability are necessary for an individual to survive
It shows how alliances can be made. It shows what efforts must be put forward to create an alliance. It shows how alliances benefit an individual. Alliance can only work if all participants in it are equally reliable
“Cleaver gives her a nod, and she seems to relax a bit. ‘The point is,’ says Cleaver, ‘it doesn’t matter who or what we mess with, just as long as we mess. The way we see it, the world doesn’t move if things don’t get shaken up—am I right?’ ‘I guess.’ ‘Well, then, we are the movers and shakers.’ Cleaver smiles and points a finger at Lev. ‘The question is, are you one too? Do you have what it takes to be one of us?’ Lev takes a long look at these three. These are the kinds of people his parents would hate. He could join them just out of spite, but that’s not enough—not this time. There must be more. Yet, as he stands there, Lev realizes that there is more. It’s invisible, but it’s there, like a deadly charge lurking in a downed power line. Anger, but not just anger: a will to act on it as well. ‘All right, I’m in.’ Back at home Lev always felt part of something larger than himself. Until now, he hadn’t realized how much he missed that feeling. ‘Welcome to the family,’ says Cleaver, and gives him a slap on the back so painful, he sees star.” (230)
“ Well, he can keep a secret, because Lev doesn’t care where he’s going. The simple fact that he has a destination is enough for Lev. It’s more than Lev has. Destination implies a future. If this umber-skinned boy can lend Lev that much, it’s worth it to travel with him….He had hidden in dark lonely places for almost two days after he lost Connor and Risa. With no experience being a street rat, he went hungry--but eventually, hunger turns anyone into a master of survival. (122) ‘You ain’t gotta be eatin’ other folks garbage, foo’!’...’Let me show you how it’s done.’....’No! Are you even listenin’ to me? So any-who, right before closing I’m gonna get myself over to the Wicked Wok again. I’ll give her a smile, and I’ll be all, like, ‘Hey, whatcha gonna do with all that leftover food?’ And five minutes later I’m walking away in orange chicken heaven, with enough to feed an army.” And sure enough, it happened exactly like he said it would. Lev was amazed. ‘Stick with me,’ CyFi had said, putting his fist in the air, ‘and as God is my witness, you will never go hungry again.’ Then he added, ‘That’s from Gone with the Wind.’ “ (123).
BY: Hussein, Payal, Edrolen II, Asiya, Numan, and Lydia
Lev creates an alliance with Cleaver and the two other unwinds. All four of them got they wanted, revenge. Three out of four people died happily because that was what they wanted. It proves that people create alliances because it benefits not only themselves but others who are part of the alliance as well.
It shows that Lev was accepted into Cleaver's group, and how Lev had decided to create an alliance with other people rather than doing things by himself. Accepting him in the group, they would be able to accomplish more together. Cleaver wants to do is cause chaos, and by doing that he creates alliances. It proves that the theme of the book is people create alliances because it could benefit both parties.
In the end of our book, Connor and many other unwinds planned to protest against the government. They want to convince the government to terminate the bill of life. With their protest, they believe that they can persuade the government to change the bill of life. This happens to be very similar to many protests in the world past and present.
Most recently, the protest in Thailand begin when the current prime minister attempted to pass a controversial amnesty bill in November of 2013 and the protests are still ongoing. This bill would pardon offences against a government, which would pardon the former prime minister Corruption conviction and have allowed him to return to the country. Many people in Thailand refused to accept the bill because they knew what bad effects would happen if it was passed. Just like the unwinds in the book, they both disagreed on bills that the government decided on because it would have greatly affected them.
The protest in Venezuela began in early February of this year with the demonstrators demanding for improve rights such as protected freedom of speech, and improvement on social and economic problems also fueled the protests. Many unwinds find that being unwound is a major social problem, which influenced their desire to protest.

Just like unwinds, all of them want to protest to show the government that their decisions can and will cause major problems in their society. They all want the government to take notice, how their decisions affect them and want them to make improvements that will benefit everyone.
Sometimes, people create
alliances because it could benefit both parties.

“The money I get for placing unwinds into service positions is used to feed the ones who remain, and to pay for the safe houses and warehouses that get runaway unwinds off the street. It pays for the aircraft that get them here, and pays off anyone who needs bribery to look the other way, after that, the money that remains goes into the pockets of each unwind on the day they turn eighteen and are sent out into this unforgiveable world”(215).
The runaway Unwinds decide to make an alliance with the other Unwinds and the admiral at the graveyard because it’s better to have someone to rely on than trying to survive on your own. When people make alliance they do this because they each benefit from each other’s company. In the passage the admiral strives to save the lives of the Unwinds because he gets something in return. The admiral strived to save the lives of unwinds to redeem himself from his past mistakes such as, unwinding Harlan. He also helps them so he can locate the individuals who had a piece of Harlan within them. The Unwinds decide to make an alliance with the admiral because they get food, shelter and protection in return for helping him around the graveyard doing various tasks. By staying at the graveyard they can remain undercover till they become eighteen so they can be free from the cops.

" The teacher might not know every name in school, but she's fairly certain she knows every face--and she certainly knows all the student mothers. This isn't one of them, and the boy is completely unfamiliar too. The girl looks at her, eyes pleading. Too frightened to speak, she just shakes her head. It's the boy who speaks. 'If you turn us in, we'll die.' At the thought, the girl holds the baby closer to her. Its cries less, but don’t go away entirely. Clearly these are the ones the police are looking for, for reasons she can only guess at. 'Please…' says the boy.
Please what?
the teacher thinks.
Please break the law? Please put myself and the school at risk?
But, no that’s not it at all. What he’s really saying is:
Please be a human being
. With a life full of rules and regiments, it's so easy to forget that’s what they are. She knows- she
– how often compassion takes a back seat to expediency. " (83).

"Finally they rise from the behind the lab table, and she breathes a sigh of relief. She can tell they still don’t trust her--but then, why should they? Unwinds exist in the constant shadow of betrayal. Well, they don’t need to trust her now, they just need to go with her." (84).
This passage proves that the book unwind by Neal Shusterman is about trust and betrayal because in the passage Connor and Risa are given no choice but to trust someone they have just met. When Connor and Risa are hiding in the lab beneath the tables a teacher catches them and instead of giving them up she helps them stay away from the police when Hannah had helped them she had helped Connor and Risa because she could clear her conscience. Hannah goes against the law to help Connor and Risa while they are in dire need of help. Hannah knows that “Unwinds exist in the constant shadow of betrayal” (84), this shows that even though Risa and Connor don’t know Hannah the can trust her that she will help because she knows how it is like to be an AWOL.
The character in the passage above shows the importance of alliances and the good people can gain from being part of an alliance. The quote above is what the admiral said to Connor, who was one of the Unwinds in the graveyard. Connor thought that the admiral was” a slave dealer who uses the Unwinds for his own profit” (213) but the admiral explained to him in his defense that Unwinds would gain much more in making an alliance than he would ever gain. The conflict around the quote was suspicions against the admiral. They believed that the admiral was giving them work for his benefit and they claimed that “he doesn’t know what it’s like to be one of them” (219). However, the admiral stated how he wasn’t planning anything against them but was trying to help them. The admiral stated how their suspicion could lead to them losing his support which was very beneficial to them and that they should dismiss it.In the positions they were in and the setting in the graveyard it was crucial for both the Unwinds and the admiral to make an alliance. The admiral approved of their alliance because the graveyard was a mess and needed maintenance work. He needed people to fix what was broken, clean the dishes that the Unwinds eat with, and needed people to tend to those who were injured or sick. When the Unwinds made an alliance with the admiral he provided them with shelter, food, company, books, and a purpose in life.
Lev is now alone, with no one to depend on and no where to go for food or shelter. Unfortunately, he’s not as streetwise as Connor was nor was he as resourceful as Risa. Nevertheless, he had learned to survive on his own for days. He ate leftover food, and wore stolen clothing items. Having to change mentally and emotionally helped Levi live sustainably. Luckily, he met Cyfi, an umber run away boy, at the mall. CyFi helped him to be smarter with making his decisions. He taught him how to receive food instead of stealing it. Both boys had to trust and help each other in order to survive, which became an alliance. Levi thought that their alliance would only benefit him, but then he discovers CyFi’s mental problem on their way to Joplin, which gave a benefit for having Levi around him. Levi took care of CyFi when he was having his seizures. CyFi changed Levi’s perspective on being an unwind. This proves that creating alliances will benefit you, even without knowing the results of the alliance.

This passage shows how being in an alliance could benefit you, especially when you are in a vulnerable state, which is what the theme is telling us. Levi is lost, emotionally and mentally. He doesn’t know how to handle any future situation for him because he thought that he was going to be a tithe without any problems or disturbances. After calling the police on Connor and Risa, he’s now left alone living in the dark areas of streets, stealing leftover foods and clothes. When CyFi found him, he gained a leader and a friend. CyFi led Levi to Joplin, a future that Levi can look to, “Destination implies a future.”(122). CyFi shows him tricks that convinces him into accompanying CyFi, without even trying to know him carefully. Nevertheless, Levi feels that he has to be there for CyFi since he was a “a preacher with no flock”(124). He doesn’t know that accompanying CyFi would only benefit him, instead it would benefit both of them. CyFi has a part of an unwind’s brain, that would later cause a problem for them. When having a part of an unwind, it comes with a skill or trait that the unwind had before being removed pieces to pieces. For CyFi, he becomes a kleptomaniac because of the unwind. He tries to control his own brain, which he fails to do so which caused Levito help him with it. In conclusion, both parties benefit each other in this alliance. Levi needs a leader and a teacher, to provide him new ideas, opinions, and thoughts, since the old ones led him to being in this situation. CyFi needs a follower and a friend, to accompany him in this difficult and vulnerable state. These two young boys are put in a place that would either kill them or teach them. However, either way this was an experience that is hard to go through alone which means that they need each other to survive. This proves that having an alliance would gain them a benefit of learning and surviving.

The character Connor in the passage above had proved our theme about creating alliances. He was desperate to create an alliance with Hannah because the juvey cops were looking for him inside of an evacuating school. I know this because he was begging Hannah to help him, ”Please” says the boy. Connor was in dire need of help from someone he did not know or trust.
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