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Styles of Table Service

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on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Styles of Table Service

Styles of Table Service
American Service
fast, inexpensive and less complicated
minimum training
food prepared on plates, arranged on trays and carried by waiters with a stand
Beverages are served : with right hand
Food is served: with left hand

Cafeteria Service
These are food that are prepared at the kitchen and displayed at the counter.
Customers put the food they choose on a tray, pay for it, then carry it to the table to eat.
Blue Plate
This style is recommended when the table and group of people is small.
Tables are already prepared beforehand.
The plates are ready to be served and stay at the kitchen which will be given after the diners sit down.

Russian Service
most commonly used in first class restaurants and hotels.
food is proportioned according to the number of people in the table.
waiter or waitress bring the food on a silver platter.

French Service
most formal
The atmosphere is gracious and leisurely.
used in exclusive and elegant restaurant
two waiters or waitresses in each station
The chef de rang takes the orders, completes preparation of food and serves all the drinks.
assisted by commis de rang who takes the orders to the kitchen.
The chief waiter serves the plates carries by the commis de rang.
English Service
All food is served by the host and hostess.
Plates are placed by a waiter

Tray Service
Serves food in bed, by the television or by the fireplace.
service for the sick.
Family/Compromise Service
It is an agreement between Russian and English Service style.
Guests to be served must not be more than 8.

Filipino Service
Does not need waiters or waitresses.
All the courses are placed on the table with a serving spoon.
People remain seated as they serve themselves up to the end of the meal.

Styles of Formal Service
Styles of Self-Service
I'm not enjoying this...
Who's gonna get me
a spoon?
Eating like this is so
hard. Maybe I need
a table. ( I definitely do)
Ready to serve!
Need anything
A ratatouille is
your order,
I'll always be
your chocolate
waiter <3
You startled
Buffet Service
A large table is needed for the food and all the table appintments.
The diners serve themselves from the buffet, put the plate of food in a tray, and sit on a chair provided by the host.
Counter Service
most economical type of service
Upon order, customers see how food is prepared.
It is speedy and cheap
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