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PBL - Let it Flow TEACHMeet

Teacher learning to let go and let it flow

Karlie Hindmarsh

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of PBL - Let it Flow TEACHMeet

PBL - Let it Flow!
Teachers learning to
let go and let it flow...

Students demonstrating
what they have
learned in different ways...
...through WRITING and DRAWING
...by making a WEBSITE
Building Background Knowledge
Driving Question
How can we solve this?
National Curriculum for HISTORY
Project Based Learning
Essential PBL Components
Why use PBL?
What is PBL?
In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Students learn key academic content and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking).
Students gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and standards at the heart of a project. Projects also build vital workplace skills and lifelong habits of learning. Projects can allow students to address community issues, explore careers, interact with adult mentors, use technology, and present their work to audiences beyond the classroom. PBL can motivate students who might otherwise find school boring or meaningless.
Aboriginal history has been neglected in Australian schools and we don’t know much about it.
How can we educate ourselves, our friends and our family more about the experiences, culture and history of Aboriginal Australians so we can build respect and help to stop racism?
Produce something to educate people about Aboriginal history:
-An artwork with traditional aboriginal elements or using things from nature
-Make a PowerPoint presentation
-Dramatic play use props
-Use photographs – collage
-Writing/Word processing/newspaper article
-Papier mache
-Interview a person and video it
-Make a wiki/website/blog
-An advertisement
-Construct a model
Students are heavily engaged watching a dramatised mini series called, Women of the Sun, which tells four stories from the perspective of Aboriginal women throughout Australian history.
...through DRAMA
Making a comic strip entitled, "A Stranger Enters your World"
Movies: A great way to depict historical events from an Aboriginal perspective
5H realised what we already know
about Australian history...
Do we know why we say
Acknowledgment of Country

every week?
"...Umm, not really Miss."
...opportunity to express preferred learning styles...
Students begin to engage, cooperate, communicate, make choices and take charge of their own learning.
Students present their website
to Sydney University visitors...
...is mainly the British perspective.
...by making a VIRTUAL WORLD
We aim to use our projects to educate our school community during NAIDOC Week 2013...
What do the students say?
Our teacher is learning to let go...
...and program as and after things happen.
Students cooperate and plan their approach.
learn amazing things
to make us

of our Aboriginal history...
Did you know that
was a famous local
resistance fighter who protected his land from British invaders?
Metua said, "It's fun and I learn more by working wth others."

Anne said, "I like to use technology to research and make a website."
Trina said, "It's really fun working with our friends and cooperating with each other. We meet on tuesdays and wednedays at the library at 3pm to do some research."
Maa, "I enjoyed watching Women of the Sun because we learned about traditional Aboriginal life which is very interesting."

Omid said, "I like using Minecraft to make a world showing what happened in the past with Aboriginals and when the First Fleet landed."
Khaled said, "I enjoy playing Minecraft because I can show what happened many years ago."

Ayat said, "Drama is a fun way to show what happened in the past and to tell stories about Aboriginal life."
George K said, "I love to draw and make comics about strangers entering my world like the British did entered the Aboriginal world."

Kelly said, "I find watching movies about Aboriginal life interesting because we can compare their life to ours. I would like to make a movie about this one day."
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