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Do Now! Feudalism

No description

Emily Gilmore

on 21 November 2011

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Transcript of Do Now! Feudalism

Do Now!
Unit 1
Lesson 9 In your composition notebook,
skip two lines under the last Do Now and write
“DO NOW” and “UNIT 1 LESSON 9” at the top.
Write complete sentences.
You do not need to write the question. Watch the clips and write down
your observations about the
social system and how the clips
relate to G-SPITE Monty Python and the
Search for the Holy Grail "Constitutional Peasants" Take a minute and write down
some notes.
1. What social groups are
shown in the film?

2. What is the clip trying to say
about the peasants' place in
society? A Knight's Tale "A Knight's Tale Introductions" 3. What social groups can you identify?

[Challenge Question]
4. What does this clip show us about the role of knights in this society?
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