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EA Foundation Module 1 v1.1

Amended foundation level training for introduction to EA and the TOGAF ADM

Chris Marsh

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of EA Foundation Module 1 v1.1

Welcome to the foundation level Enterprise Architecture course.

In this course we are going to help you to understand how you can use Enterprise Architecture as a means to analyse and design business solutions.

This training is split into 2 modules
introduction to EA and the TOGAF framework
how we use the framework to solve business problems and design architectures
how do we deliver a change that realises the benefits of architecture

Lets start with an introduction to the concept of Enterprise Architecture..........
You will learn how by utilising the Architecture you can increase the success of your transformation projects
In each module you will be able to access video based e-learning, templates and deliverables to guide you
Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
Module 1....
Why do we need Architecture?
In any organisation you will find Executive teams that are concerned about escalating costs, competitive strategies, and the many projects that are being executed to support the delivery of strategy.

How do they know that we are doing the right work to execute our strategy?
Are these projects aligned to help us manage the issues our organisation is encountering?
Is there enough money to deliver these projects?

We use Enterprise Architecture to help organisations address these challenges. Our role as "Architects" is to make sense of this complexity to support decision makers in making well informed decisions

What is Enterprise Architecture?
The dictionary states that Architecture is the art or practice of designing and building complex structures

Simply put, Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that helps us to break down the complexity of the organisation and determine how to improve.

The different elements of the architecture can be thought of as building blocks that are constructed to make up the organisation.

Watch this short video to find out more.........
What Is The EA Approach?
During this training we are going to be using something called The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

This is a standard language, methodology and tool set that Architects can use to support design and delivery of business solutions

Watch these short videos to find out more....
Training Material - Part 1
Training Material - Part 2
Training Material
How To Develop EA?
Training Material
Training Material - Part 3
You have successful completed module 1, go to module 2
There are various frameworks and methods that can be employed for developing EA in organisations.

The approach that we are discussing in this training course is called the Architecture Development Method or ADM.

Watch this short video to find out more.........
Enterprise Architecture
Welcome to the
foundation level training
Click play button
Training Material - Part 4
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Look out for hints and tips during the training to help you!
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