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PTC Recruiting Process

No description

Kyle Michaud

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of PTC Recruiting Process

Recruiter to Source Candidates
Job Postings
PTC career page

Proactive Search
Linkedin emails/cold calls

Linkedin network
Office wide email

Recruiter Screening and Candidate Submittal
Interview Schedule
The recruiter will schedule interviews with candidates the manager would like to pursue.

Recruiters will coordinate all scheduling and communication with candidate.

I need to hire! Now what?
Manager (or recruiter) should open requisition in BrassRing. In order to open a requisition you will need the following information:

position title
salary (in addition to any bonus or commission)
reporting manager
accurate job description*

Recruiter/Manager Discussion
Manager to review submittals and provide feedback
Manager will review resume and provide feedback to recruiter within 24 to 48 hours
Hiring Manager
PTC Recruiting Process
Kyle Michaud-Sr. Corporate Recruiter
Interview Feedback
Manager should provide detailed feedback, both positive and/or negative, on interviews as soon as possible.
Candidate follow-up
Job requirement clarficiation
Inform recruiter of any final approvals needed to extend an offer.
Recruiter or manager will check references on final candidates.
Offer Delivery
Manager/recruiter delivers the verbal offer.
Manager must send the following information to recruiter for an offer letter to be created:
business title
base salary/bonus
start date
manager’s name
office location

Recruiter will generate offer and email the manager for approval prior to sending to candidate.
Recruiter will be a resource to the candidate should any questions arise regarding the offer.
Details of position
Selling points
Salary flexibility
Internal candidates
Recruiting strategy
Interview format
Recruiter will send resume and notes to hiring manager.

Notes will include:
years of experience and relevant skills
communication skills
current or expected salary range
reason for pursuing new opportunities
why interested in PTC
job search activity
Detailed and timely feedback is important!

Helps recruiter improve quality of submittals
Improves candidate experience
Decreases the chance candidate will go off the market
I hired someone! Now what?
Manager should inform recruiter of:

special hardware requests (if applicable)
office/cube location

Recruiting Coordinator will:

initiate background check
order laptop, phone, etc.
enroll candidate in New Hire Orientation
send 'welcome email' to candidate detailing orientation schedule

*Managers should also contact new hire prior to start date.
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