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Luisa María Saenz

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of BRAZIL

In Brazil there are a lot of different types of music the most famous is SAMBA
The brazilian music is the result of the mix of differents elements of three main sources: Indigenous, African and European
Some of the most important Brazilian music genres are:
Popular Brazilian music
Pará Music
Brazil is a multicultural country for this reason you can see different art types.
Are important the big meseums and the modern and estrange architecture.
Traditional dates celebrations
The most important celebrations in Brazil are:
The carnival is celebrated in February 40 days before the begining of Easter, is celebrated i all the country and the most famous is in Rio de Janeiro.
April 15. Celebrations of the Cavalhadas in Pirenópolis (Goias).
April, the 21st. Festival of Tiradentes.
September 7th. Independence Day.
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