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No description

Jennifer-Ashley Leippi

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Jews

HOW DID THE GERMANS DEFINE WHO WAS JEWISH? or both your parents were Jewish You were married to a Jewish person You had one Jewish parent You had a least one Jewish grandparent Pure Jewish decent :Three or more grandparents
Mixed race 1st degree :Two Jewish grandparents
Mixed race 2nd degree :One Jewish grandparent November 14th,1935, was
when the Nazis created the definition of a Jew. The Nazis definded a Jew as someone who was born with some extent of a Jewish background. If you didnt fit into his "Master Race" requirments then you were considered undesiserable. Hitler used the way Jewish people looked as proof that they were not part of him master race People who had strong Nordic characteristics, white, with blue or light coloured eyes, light coloured hair and with strong physiques were the type of people allowed in the "master race" You were considered Jewish if.... Mater Race: The expression used by the Nazis in Germany for the race they wanted to create, a pure race of white people suited to rule the world. During the Holocaust there was approximately six million Jewish people murdered. By Sydney Leippi & Jennifer Grohs
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