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The Presidency

Prezi for roles and powers of the Presidency

Joshua Pennington

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Presidency

The Presidency
The Roles and Responsibilities of the Presidency What does the President Do? 1) She/he administers the Government 2) she/he is the ceremonial head of Government but not like the Queen or King (they have no real Power) Why is this important? The President is in charge of directing the largest employer in the United States, oh and he/she has to be the head negotiator, diplomat, and sometimes cop for the United states on the stage of the world he/she is the head legislator. she/he can set the legislative agendas of Congress Can we see some examples of this recently?
___________________________________ She/he is the head of the party. so President Obama is the head of the _____________ party? She or he is expected to represent Americans and America throughout the World. What are the requirements to be President? 1) A natural born citizen
2) At least 35 years old
3) Have spent 14 years in the U.S. What are the Rules for Presidential Terms? 1) Presidents are limited to two terms ( 4 years each) in the White House What are the benefits of being president? 1) The pay right... not, only $400,000 per year plus a $50,000 expense account 2) The White House to call home 3) An enormous staff, plush offices, Air Force One, various budgets for entertaining, hosting and official events budgets. Presidential Succession
Basically Who gets the Job if The Prez screws up or dies gets killed etc 1) The Vice Prez right? not officially till 1967 2) The Speaker of The House which is?
______________ 3) President Pro tem of the Senate 4) Secretary of State which is?___________________ 5) The Secretary of the Treasury... really, really,really yea really So Who chooses who we vote For? The parties The Party Conventions Primaries The Candidate Proportional Representation
basically if a candidate gets a percentage of votes during a States primary they get that percentage of the parties delegates at the Convention, not bad for some and terrible for others THE Executive branch Does the president wield enough power? how does the President effect public policy? Read This And this now write your ideas about these questions http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/benami38/english Venn Relationship of Presidency to Public Policy The Selection/Nomination Process The Primary Process From the Caucuses to Convention Basically two or three candidates from each party
run off in various states, states which hold early elections to help decide which candidate will represent the party on the national stage. These elections are called CAUCUSES Once two candidates from each party have been decided by the caucuses the conventions of each party, held in the summer, narrow the list to one from each party. And viola' you have _________________? How do the delegates from the conventions pick the candidate?_______________________________________________________________________________
remember the qualifications for being a Senator, Representative? electability right? how about name familiarity? and candidates from some states have advantage over others
can you think which states would give their candidates an advantage?
_______________________________________________________ NY, OH, IL, TX, CA The Election So, post convention the two candidates really swing into action campaigning (remember our commercials?) and working for our votes December, electoral college officially casts ballots for President. Jan. 6th votes from college are counted in front of Congress. Jan. 20th the big hat day, I mean inauguration day. Slight issue though
This whole electoral college thing
check this out! NOw that we have seen what it is all about lets talk about the problems with it.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Problems:
1) Winner of the Popular vote may not win the Presidency
2) Electoral College electors do not have to vote who their states majority of votes were for.
3) The House deciding the outcome if no electoral college majority is possible, except each state has to award votes to the candidates, not by each member of the house. small states end up with same clout as big states and the popular vote problem still exsists, not to mention the third party problem. 538 avaiable electoral votes
270 needed to make it to the White House Bush v. GOre 2000
15 Presidents failed to get even a majority of the popular vote; Namely Truman, Kennedy, Nixon,
and yes even Bill Clinton both times Possible solutions Other requirements 1) name familiarity 2) electability 3) race, ethnicity, gender 4) party affiliation http://www.ifc.com/videos/inside-the-iowa-caucus.php Question of the day?
Does the President represent the American people? 1) Write an essay on this question, keeping in mind our discussion of Presidential power, the electoral college, and the nomination, selection, & election process 2) at least one 1/2 pages Election day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
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