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LSA2010 Criminology Theories

No description

Devin Thomas

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010 Criminology Theories

Criminology Theories Somototypes Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph Hard, muscular body
Overly mature appearance
Rectangular shaped
Thick skin
Upright posture
Mesomorphic Body Type: Thin
Flat chest
Delicate build
Young apperance
Lightly muscled
Stoop shouldered
Large Brain Ectomorphic Body Type: Soft body
Underdeveloped muscles
Round shaped
Over-developed digestive system Endoporphic Body Type
preference for privacy
socially anxious
mentally intense
emotionally restrained
Associated Personality Traits: Associated Personality Traits:
Associated Personality Traits: adventurous
desire for power and dominance
indifference to what others think or want
assertive, bold
zest for physical activity
love of risk and chance
love of food
evenness of emotions
love of comfort
good humored
need for affection Labeling Theory Definition: When other people label someone as a "criminal" or a "bad person" that what the person will think of themselves and therefore they will be more likely to commit crimes. Even if your not a bad person you will lower your standards because of what people have labeled you as. Social Control Phrenology There are 3 different catagories Mesomorph Endomorph Researchers/ Theorists Lemert Matsueda Braithwaite Sherman Hirschi's theory answers "Why DON'T people commit crime?" or "What factors tend to pull people away from crime rather than towards it?" (Hischi's answer)
Because they are bonded to the society in a meaningful way. Four elements of the bond Attatchment: Attatchment to significant others Commitment: Commitment to appropriate lifstles Involvement: Legitmate use of time & energy Belief: Belief in common values Human behavior is controlled by your brain If you have a mis-behavior it's because there's a defect. According to Gall, we should be able to see these effects in the skull for clues. This was the start to looking at defects in skulls or brains for answers to why people commit crimes. People had a certain body type that influenced the personality traits. Then it will link to criminal behavior. Never studies women. Ectomorph
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