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¿What is an extreme sport?

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Transcript of ¿What is an extreme sport?

¿Is it in individual or in groups?
In this sport you can make it with a friend, by your own, or with many other people as many as you like.
¿Where do you do this sport?
In this sport you can make it in the city, in the woods, in the beach, etc. This sport what you need to do is to move from one place to another with efficient moves

*you can climb a building
*you can jump from a building to other building
*you can do pirouettes and many other things
¿What is an extreme sport?
An extreme sport is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger.These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear
Point of view
I think people want to prectice extreme sports, because extreme sports grabs your attention and everyone wants to feel that adrenaline of doing extreme things, also because people likes to attract the attention of everyone.
¿If I had practiced this sport?
Yes I have, but not like in the videos I am just like trying to make some parkour.
The particularity of this discipline lies in its simplicity. Just a comfortable footwear is required, or even you can go barefoot. The most frequently used clothes are the pants where the athletes feel more comfortable and flexible.
Parkour is a discipline of french origin that consists on traveling by any enviroment, using the abilities of the same body, trying to be the most effective, making sure movements and bieng skilled.
Parts of the body that you strength
You strength all your body because for parkour you need to use all your body for doing all this kind of stuff like running, jumping, to roll over, etc.
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