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Immigration:Policy and Beliefs

Examines the United States immigration policy and beliefs of the American people. Includes views of other nations.

Ambrosia Washington

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Immigration:Policy and Beliefs

Immigration: Policy and Beliefs US Policy Green Card Minutemen Border Patrol Mexican Border Hillary Clinton Illegal Immigrants Beliefs Visas Provided by Gallup.com Polls on Immigration 59% of Americans believe that the U.S. should continue to build a fence along the Mexican border. Just 26% believe the U.S. should stop building the fence (Rasmussen, March 2010).

68% of likely voters think that securing the border is more important than granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but only 20% believe that Congress will take steps to secure the border in within the next year (Rasmussen, March 2010).

67% of likely voters believe illegal immigrants are a "significant strain" on the U.S. budget (Rasmussen, March 2010).

68% of African-Americans, 56% of Hispanics, and 57% of Asian-Americans believe that immigration is too high (Zogby, February 2010).

87% of U.S. voters believe that anyone receiving federal health care subsidies should be required to prove they are in the United States legally (Rasmussen, December 2009). 68% oppose the creation of sanctuary cities (jurisdictions that have a policy of not enforcing immigration law) with only 13% in favor (Rasmussen, October 2009). 83% of U.S. voters say that citizenship verification should be part of any health care reform legislation (Rasmussen, September 2009). 78% of likely U.S. voters oppose amnesty, with 19% in favor. 88% of African-Americans oppose amnesty. (Pulse Opinion Research, August 2009). 68% of adults think limiting care to illegal aliens is a good to excellent way to reduce overall health care costs (Zogby, July 2009).
80% of likely voters oppose healthcare coverage for illegal aliens (Rasmussen, June 2009). '"I don't think our country, of all countries, should be furthering family breakup and disunity."'

Quoted by Mark Murray in his msnbc.com Web Post "...honor their work by giving them the opportunity to have that path to legalization."

Quoted by Mark Murray in his msnbc.com Web Post Immigrants often take jobs which would otherwise go unfilled and increase overall productivity.
Provided by immigrationdebate.com Courtesy of Gallup.com Ideals of the Manipulations of Immigration Levels Problems with US Policy Ghobadi, the director of the much acclaimed A Time for Drunken Horses (2000), was refused a visa to enter the US despite taking extensive and time-consuming steps to obtain one.
Courtesy of wsws.org 22 October 2002 Country of origin
All countries
1. Mexico
2. El Salvador
3. Guatemala
4. Canada
5. Haiti
6. Philippines
7. Honduras
8. Dominican Republic
9. Nicaragua
10. Poland
11. Colombia
12. Ecuador
13. Trinidad & Tobago
14. Jamaica
15. Pakistan
16. India
17. Ireland
18. Korea
19. Peru
20. Portugal
Other Population State of residence
5,000,000 All states
2,700,000 1. California
335,000 2. Texas
165,000 3. New York
120,000 4. Florida
105,000 5. Illinois
95,000 6. New Jersey
90,000 7. Arizona
75,000 8. Massachusetts
70,000 9. Virginia
70,000 10. Washington
65,000 11. Colorado
55,000 12. Maryland
50,000 13. Michigan
50,000 14. Pennsylvania
41,000 15. New Mexico
33,000 16. Oregon
30,000 17. Georgia
30,000 18. District of Columbia
30,000 19. Connecticut
27,000 20. Nevada
764,000 Other Population
2,000,000 700,000 540,000 350,000 290,000
135,000 115,000 85,000 55,000 52,000
45,000 44,000 37,000 37,000 37,000
33,000 32,000 30,000 29,000 24,000
330,000 The estimated illegal immigrant population from the Dominican Republic was revised from 50,000 in an earlier version of this document to 75,000 following a review of the estimates for Dominica and the Dominican Republic.
Courtesy of www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/statistics/illegal.pdf
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