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No description

Kennedy Farquharson

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Aviation

Wheres the Money?
How will this affect our future of Aviation?
Flying Car
Pros Cons
Use Regular Gasoline

You can fly and drive in the same vehicle

Avoid highway traffic and congestion, and gridlock.

Live Farther away from your job

Limited Market

Highly Expensive

In addition to a Drivers License you will also need a Pilot License.

Need an airport to takeoff and land
Money is collected by the Government from a toll, an aviator must pay to be granted access and use the airspace monitored by the government.

Money can be generated for industry through American companies like Terrafuggia by keeping the personal aircraft industry in America.
Monday, April 14, 2014
A&K Inc.
Flying Car vs Traveling Today
A to B
Future of Aviation

Safe as Commercial Airplanes
Convient and Simple

Flying cars need to lift off and take off from airports.
Easy access to aviators
More accessible than an airport

By: Andrew Weatherby and Kennedy Farquharson
Highway Systems
More Convient
than an airport
More Common
than airports
Network our destinations
Whats The Deal With Flying Cars?
What Do We Want?
Our Solution

Wealthy Individuals
Highly Expensive
Future Effects on Society
Travel Time
50 Years
- Popularity Increases
- Widley Used
- Personal Use
- Governmental Use

Profitable and Cost Efficient
Alternate way of Taking off and Landing
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