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Private Limited Companies

By Rodrigo Oyague and Arieh Chrem


on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Private Limited Companies

By Arieh Chrem & Rodrigo Oyague Private Limited Companies What is a LTD? Main Advantages Warburton's A Private Limited Company is a company that sells shares in a private way (not in the Stock Market). Shares are sold to people you know, like family or friends using certificates. Key Aspects of an LTD Shareholders own the business and receive profits
Owner has limited liability
Makes financial information public
Board of directors run the company
They hold Annual General Meetings (AMGs) Small Single Owner
Businesses Large Multi-National Companies Private Limited
Companies Limited Liability : You (as an individual) are separte from your company, therefore, they can't take your belongings

Tax Advantage: Your company pays corparation tax, and is exempt of higher personal income tax Main Disadvantages Dillution of Power: The more shareholders your company has got, the less power you ultimately have (they may not choose YOU as the director)

Restricted Capital Raising: By law, private limited companies cannot get additional fundiang via the sales of shares Thank You Real World Example Bakery founded by Thomas Warburton in 1876

Became a Private Limited Company during the 1990s

Sells aprox. 21% of all baking products sold in the UK

Second best selling food and drink brand in the UK (after Coca-Cola)
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