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Malacca Trip 2014

No description

Christabel Lee

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Malacca Trip 2014

Learning Journey
to Malacca

~ How rubber is made
~ Discovered the uses of rubber
~ Oil palm plantation

Kampung Parit Penghulu
Baba Nyonya Museum

~Museum was previously an old Baba Nyonya house
~Interior of typical Peranakan house decorated in a rich style of the 19th century called Chinese Baroque.
~House had no windows and CCTV cameras
~Baba made a spy hole in the floor of the second level of the house in order to see who was entering and leaving the house.
~Felt happy
~Looked forward to see our parents
~Sad at the same time as
we would miss Malacca.
~We will never forget this memorable trip.

Off to Malacca!
At the plantation....
You !

Meet Our Tour Guide
Mr OK (from IPC tours)
Very humorous.
Shared his experiences and stories with us.
'Ketupat' weaving
'Ondeh Ondeh'.

Favourite activity was gasing.
~Enjoyed learning how to spin the top
Holiday Inn Malacca
Home Sweet Home
Day 2
Had breakfast at the hotel
Had a city tour in Malacca.
Visited places such as: Stadhuys,
A Famosa,Queen Victoria Fountain,St Paul Church,
Christchurch and Jonker Street.
17-18, 19-20 November 2014
Baba Nyonya
Did you know?
More about the activities!
Basketry- Weaving strips of wood together into baskets.

'Ketupat' weaving- Making of ketupats.

Making of 'Ondeh Ondeh'- Wrap gula melaka in glutinous rice dough and boil it.
After it is boiled scoop it out
and sprinkle coconut flakes on it.
Malacca is the third smallest state in Malaysian state after Perlis and Penang.
Before the arrival of the first sultan, Malacca was a fishing village inhabited by the local Malays known as Orang Laut.
6.00am - Assemble at CTPS
6.05am - Say goodby to parents at talents corner.
6.30am - First time out of country
without our parents
Worried about safety and health
state flag
Baba=man of the house
Nyonya=woman of the house
Every great journey begins
with a single 'snap'...
Smile at the camera!
Lunch! Yum!!!
Other uses for the basket
Soft and comfortable hotel beds
Safety first (Of course...)
Drowsy and tired...
Say cheese!
Our 4 hour Journey
via coach
Our hotel room
Ondeh Ondeh
We would like to thank:
the school for giving us the opportunity to visit Malacca.
the teachers involved for keeping us safe and helping us to learn.
and more trees...
Collecting the latex from the rubber tree
rubbing the latex
Oil palm trees
St Paul's Church
A Farmosa
Windmill near Red Square
Strategic view of the sea
Christ Church
by pupils from 4/6 (2014):
Seetoh Annie, Lim Yu Qi, Shruti Patil K Cibichandar, Christabel Lee, Tew Yu Xin, Shakthiie
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