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Baldwin Co.

No description

Kevin Angga

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Baldwin Co.

Baldwin Inc.
"We grow as your believes in us grow"
Annual Shareholders Meeting
January 28th

Sensor Company
Who we are...
Ang Octavius Kevin Angga
Derran Lim
Marion Lee
Tan Yi
Vania Wong Wen Li

Our company's...
Success Measures
Our Mission...
“We focus on premium products that provide the highest possible quality to our customers with the purpose to increase to achieve our goals which will take into account the satisfaction of our stakeholders’ interests.”

Our Values...
Trust and Respect
Our Stakeholders...
Our Strategy...

Local Community
Products Differentiator
with Product Life Cycle Focus
Quality is everything
Price above average
High awareness and easy accessibility
Aggressive spending on promotion and sales
Add capacity to meet demand

Our Success Measures...
Human Resources
Focuses on
High End
Keep up and attempt to exceed customers' expectations
Avoid "age at revision" after the end of the 3rd quarter of the year
Determined with regards to consumer's buying criteria and the price imposed by competitors
Priced at $XX.99 or $XX.49 to impact consumers' buying perception (Fuccio 2011)
Awareness & Accessibility
Significant increase on Awareness
Achieved above 90% in Year 3
Gradual Improvement on Accessibility from Year 5 to 6
Sales Forecast
Underestimated Overall Sales Forecast
No excess inventory
Potential sales is higher than actual production
Inaccurate Sales Forecast in Year 4
Large amount of excess in inventory
Markidakis, Hogarth and Gaba (2010) argued in their paper that accurate forecasting is not possible. No matter how much cost given up and how well-educated the expert hired, the power of uncertainty and the limitation of prediction is greater
Balance the interest of shareholders and our employees
Ensure there will be increase in productivity in our organisation
Attract talents with good calibers
Motivate with incentives
Retain employees with ample training hours allocation
Pecking Order Principle fund investments
Retained earnings
Maintain leverage level between 1.5 to 2.0
When cash position allows, pay dividend and retire stocks to increase share price

Reduce material costs
Reduce administration costs
Reduce labor costs
Increase Demand
Reduce R&D cycle time
Ethical purposes
Our Success Measures...
3. Return on Sales (22% importance)
Our Success Measures...
2. Cumulative Profit (28% importance)
1. Share Price (30% importance)
Our Success Measures...
Six Years Trends
Profit falls
Retire LT Debt
Repurchase Shares
-increase value of shares held
Our Success Measures...
4. Return on Assets (20% importance)
Low end and Size could not keep up
Gave up Low end that free up some assets
What we are proud of
Reference List
Markidakis, Spyros, Robin M. Hogarth and Anii Gaba. 2010. “Why
Forecasts Fail. What to Do Instead.” MITSloan Management Review 51 (2): 83-90.
Fuccio, Mark. 2011. “Setting Your Price: Why $99.99 is better than $100.”
Tactics Sell High Tech. http://www.tacticssellshightech.com/2011/09/30/setting-your-price-why-99-99-is-better-than-100/.
Dutta, S. 2010. What's Your Personal Social Media Strategy? Harvard
Business Review 88(11): 127-130.
Brokaw, Leslie. 2012. Five Characteristics of Sustainable Companies, MIT
Sloan Management Review. Blog. June 17, 2012.
Kelsall, Melanie. 2011. Perth Home Case Services. Video. Perth, Western
Australia: CBS Digital Media Platform.
Dykhuizen, Henry. 2010. Oracle Inc. Video. Austin, Texas: CBS Digital
Media Platform.

Capping automation level at a max amount of 5.5
Ethical reasoning
Substantial cost
High automation affects R&D cycle time
Buy and sell capacity based on the potential of each segment
Produce sufficient quantities based on demand forecast
PY segment demand * Market Growth
= CY segment demand
Best Case and Worst Case
Best Case (Production)
= CY demand * 120%
Worst Case (Sales Forecast)
= CY demand * 80%
Make a decision based on ability to meet market expectation and competitor's products


Discontinued Production in year 5
Shifted to be Low End in year 4
Future Plans
Introduce 2 promising products

Obtain an AA credit rating (currently BBB)

Increase automation cap to 7.0 to facilitate rise in demand

Contribution Margin: 23.4% --> 35%
by achieving greater cost efficiency

Share Price: $38.68 --> more than $60
Low cost yet effective in improving awareness
(Brokaw 2012)
Improve brand image
External communication media
Obtain feedback
Introduce new products

Social Media
In 2 years,
we plan to..
Our Long Term Plan
Maintain products' quality
Incorporate sustainability metrics into budgeting process
(Dutta 2010)
Increase transparency
Comply with the governing rules and regulations
according to Kelsall (2011), it is crucial for growing companies to restructure its design with regard to community and corporate expectations
Learning Points for us, Baldwin Group
What we learn from CAPSIM Online Simulation and Capstone 301 unit
Team Work
Strategic Planning
Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Analyzing market condition from all perspectives
Understanding and applying the appropriate market strategies

Customer Survey Scores
1. Money
2. Social
Keeping Automation low to encourage the use of manpower
3. Environmental
TQM spending
1. An effective problem solving team
2. Retain a good bond ratings
3. Be sustainable
4. Full disclosure
5. Customer Survey Scores
We are proud that we...
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