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Changes in Matter

No description

theresa Sauer

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Changes in Matter

Changes in Matter
In this lesson you will learn about chemical changes and physical changes.
Chemical Changes
A chemical change is a change that can't be undone and is a completely different substance. That is when a chemical change has happened. For instance, if a log is burning that is a chemical change because you can't make the log again from the ashes that are left behind.
Chemical Equations, reactants, and products
A Chemical reaction shows what happens during a chemical reaction. A substance used in the reaction is a reactant. A substance made during the reaction is

Rust is another type of chemical change. once metal has rusted you can't take the rust particles off.
Combustion is when something is burning. Combustion is a type of chemical change.
A chemical change is different from a physical change because a chemical change cannot be undone when a physical change can.
Cooking is a chemical property because, if you cook a meat, you can't
uncook it.
Chemical properties can be used to seperate substances by using a substance to take off the substance from the other one.
By: Robert Hayden 5A
Scott Foresman's Science, The Diomond Edition.
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