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No description

David McIntosh

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Brand

What have we done in the last 12 months ?
At the last
conference we
launched our


we have
established an
Industry leading


we have
expanded our
delivery capacity

we have


a lot in
the last year

We now have 122 branded delivery vehicles
we moved to Wigan
which gave us 750,000
square feet of space
we started with a
good client base
and won
over 60 more clients
helping us to deliver . . .
week ending 18th January
Our biggest week so far this year !
we have
invested in

of our colleagues
have attended
one of our
and rolled out
to all our crews
We have improved our communication
we launched
across the business

we implemented
we delivered

text messages to
customers about
their delivery
we launched our
and our
we designed, delivered and sold
and used
as a warehouse management solution
as well as a logistics solution
a brand which looks to the future . . .
. . . and embraces our heritage
a brand with values and behaviours
values and behaviours for us all to live by
and competencies for every day
that's what everyone else is telling us . . .
and with Carpeo . . .
and nominated by ASDA for

we have achieved more than you think
Thank you

for all your hard work !
you should all feel
A new Technology Approach
New IT Leadership Team
Adopting best practice
Separation from Yodel
Arrow XL data centre

Direct contracts
e.g. Innatech
we now have our lowest call abandonment rates ever !
And our latest client
and retained every client
we wanted to
we set up a warehousing and fulfillment operation in Wigan
we launched . . .
and . . .
the magic number moved from
to . . .
All delivered through
we focused more on the service we provide our clients
Client On-boarding

Hypercare clients
we have
Customer Experience

we have
increased our


with another 40 on order
have already completed their customer service technical certificate
result is out tomorrow !
We worked with our clients to get better data . . .
We radically improved our customers experience when a delivery cannot be made . . .
What will the next 12 months bring ?
Phase 1
and we strengthened our team too . . .
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