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Transfer SOAR Presentation

No description

Heather Mialik

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Transfer SOAR Presentation

What does it mean to be EGR-T
You are in the College of Engineering, but not yet in a major
You are awaiting a decision on being admitted into one of the 12 degree granting departments
You are working on completing the General College Requirements (GCR) for admission to your major and will apply in the future
What else can I get involved with outside of my major?
What will we do today?
What are my options?
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Geological Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Physics
Nuclear Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Biological Systems Engineering*
Fellow incoming students
Peer advisors
Professional advisors
Admission to a degree granting department
Major exploration
Resources & opportunities
Find out how your credit transferred
Build your fall course schedule
Goals for your transition to UW-Madison
Heather Mialik
What does an advisor do?
Who is my advisor?
Supports you throughout your academic career
application procedure
academic support/resources
any concerns you may have
Everyone knows mechanical engineers design and build cars...but that's not the whole story!
Electrical Engineering

Hybrid vehicle control systems
Engineering Mechanics

Research and problem solving in all aspects of the vehicle's design, build, and manufacturing
Computer Engineering

Vehicle GPS and computer systems
Materials Science and Engineering

Materials used in the vehicle's frame, body, interior, engine, wiring, and more
Undergraduate Research

Student Organizations
(e.g. STAMP)

Technical Electives



Certificates/Double Majors

How are you going to set yourself apart?

Intro. to Engineering Course
Communication A Course
Math 217/221 and Math 222
Chemistry 103 and 104 OR Chemistry 109 (Accelerated)
Physics 201 OR EMA 201 (Depends on Major)

Which courses do I need to apply?

GCR is the MINIMUM needed to apply to your major
Departments at capacity look for applicants that EXCEED minimum requirements
Keep in mind...
What will my schedule look like?
Transfer credit evaluation
First priority to finish GCR
Liberal studies electives are courses outside of engineering, math, and science. (See page 11)
The liberal studies requirement needs to be fulfilled before you graduate,
before you can apply to your major.
Liberal studies courses are a great way to explore your interests & add balance to your schedule!
Wisconsin Experience Seminar (CP 125)
1 cr. seminar course for transfer students (section 018 Th 9:30-10:45)
university/campus resources
transition to UW
study skills
less than 20 students in course

Transfer SOAR
1150 Engineering Hall
For appointments: 608-262-4794
OR Departmental Advisor
Parallell Plan
As highlighted in the materials you received upon being admitted
Because department admission cannot be guaranteed, you should attend as a pre-departmental transfer student only if you are willing to continue exploring your interests and other majors. While taking steps towards your intended engineering major, you must make parallel plans toward at least one major outside of COE, thereby keeping your options open.

Cross-College Advising (CCAS) Service (608) 265-5460
"You and an advisor will discuss your interests, transfer credits, and intended program. You will register for courses, including departmental courses if available, that will help you progress in the curriculum. After SOAR, if you are admitted to the department, you can adapt your schedule if needed and consult with a departmental advisor. You will likely need to make few (if any) changes to your schedule."
Undergraduate Learning Center
Drop-in Tutoring
Supplemental Instruction
Tutor by Request (TBR)
Who Is Here?
Ask Questions!
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