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Tanzania and South Africa

No description

Rosa Bradley

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Tanzania and South Africa

Tanzania and South Africa

Friends of Africa
Our short term volunteers have been working on this project every summer since 2008, spending 6 weeks providing intensive coaching to these Masai children in preparation for their exams.

Through fundraising initiatives Friends of Africa have helped to build classrooms and all-weather basketball and bolleyball courts, thus improving the facilities for the primary and secondary schools in the area.

'Moita Bwana' tuition camp
a day in the camp...
Bringing out resources
Plaster House
We were very lucky to get to visit Plaster House, which is an amazing centre where kids from the local area can go for rehabilitation following major surgeries (orthopedic and plastic). It was unreal to meet the kids and really get our eyes opened to the brilliant work that goes on here!
a day in the camp...
South Africa
St Benedict's Church
Sebo Keng
Here we renovated the church and community center. we worked with the local youth to try break down racial barriers
Soup kitchen!
We worked at two different soup kitchens, in two different areas during the 6 weeks we were there. They ran every day and would often have been the only opportunity for the homeless to get any food from one day to the next.
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