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Center for Music Teaching and Learning at IUP

No description

Jane Baumer

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Center for Music Teaching and Learning at IUP

What's Happening with the Center for Music Teaching and Learning? (IUP Community Music School?) National Guild
for Community Arts Education No obligation, just opportunity.... Center For Music Teaching and Learning My job description created by Jane Baumer and Dave Ferguson, January 2013 Want to be involved? You are invited. (IUP Center for Community Music?) Insert clear, concise, marketable, memorable name [HERE] Personnel Financial Administrative Programming DePaul Community Music Division SFA Music Preparatory Division Armstrong Community Music SchoolAustin, TX CCM Preparatory Department Community Music School of MSU MacPhail Center for Music Community Music School of Webster University South Shore Conservatory Community Music Center Settlement Music School SE Missouri Music Academy Lennox Enrichment After School Program Old Town School of Folk Music Concord Community Music School Temple University Music Preparatory Division Crescendo Academy of Music University of Montevallo Community School of Music UMD Fine Arts AcademyDuluth, MN IUPUI Music Academy, Indianapolis, IN NAU Community Music and Dance University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Academy of the Arts Oberlin Community Music School LSU Performing Arts Academy Form an advisory board & convene it

Gather information on students presently teaching applied lessons in Cogswell

determine who they are
secure that those teaching minors have their clearances

Contact IUP faculty and area music teachers for input and ideas for fall programming

Solicit IUP music students to teach in the school in the fall, if needed, with approval and recommendation from an IUP Music Faculty member Progress: Feb. 5, 2013 NONE NONE SOME... NONE - (after Spring Break) Jason - Community Band Ryan - Community Choir Summer K-12 camp?
(area music teachers want to run one) Joe - private voice for...
Teens, adults, non-music IUP students Balkan vocal ensemble? Encore Creativity for Older Adults?
(daytime group, 55 and up) New Horizons Band?
(daytime, 55 and up) •Create a business plan for the center in conjunction with the advisory board

•Create a foundation account for gifts

•Work with the development office to secure donations to the program to assist in its financial health

•Work with Tammi Hamilton to establish a designated fund for payroll Progress NONE Foundation Workshop, 1/22 NONE (later...) A LOT Add notes Many ways to pay people at IUP:

1) Payroll
2) Research Institute
3) Foundation for IUP
4) CECI contract
5) Continuing Ed.
6) Student Co-op Used by Footlight Players Offers the most flexibility Does not take out taxes : ( May be possible to "task" to Payroll? Used by String Project Interface with webpage? Continuing Ed., Centers & Institutes adult piano class? rock camp for girls? adult string lessons through SP? New
ideas: guitar class? Ideas in the works: Establish a web-presence for the center, working with Communications Office design team
Marketing (web, print, social media)
Registration (online)
Scheduling (online)
Payment (online)

Change the name of the Center to...
IUP Community Music School?
IUP Center for Community Music?
other? Could/should school be named for someone, and how? Progress: Some... Some...
Needs admin. leadership
Development Office? (Notes from Meeting with Mike Powers) Basic copy for web pages due to design team end of Feb. Details can be added later (teacher's names, etc.) IUP English Prof. Gail Berlin
is a local expert on this. •Administer the IUP String Project during Dr. Jennings’ sabbatical (registration, scheduling, etc.)

•Assist any IUP Music Faculty and students who would like to teach private lessons for the Center immediately (or as soon as payroll details are worked out)

•Plan for summer and/or fall course and lesson offerings
The Conference
Dallas, Nov. 2012 The Guild Music Roundtable School Registration Software Keynote:
Gigi Antoni, CEO of Big Thought, Dallas, &
Thomas Wolf, of WolfBrown, a non-profit consulting group. Carnegie Hall/RCM TAP Curriculum Creating Equitable Access to Arts Learning High-Impact,
Cost-Effective Marketing Mentoring w/ Kathy Czerny of the Guild University-based
Music School
Roundtable Benefits of Membership in National Guild Summer Programs National Guild Webpage www.nationalguild.org This book is free on the Guild website. It's short and filled with examples of how successful arts organizations survive and thrive. All documents pertaining to the Center
will be printed and put in a notebook in the Copy Room in the office. Take a look at what's been going on while you wait for your copies! Thanks for
the dreaming the dream and
for your guidance: Michael Hood, Dave Ferguson,
Jack Stamp, Linda Jennings,
Jason Worzbyt, Joe Baunoch,
Ryan Beeken, Ute Lowery,
Hilliary Creely, Tammy Hamilton,
Betsy Lauber disabilities choir? Parkinson's dance & movement class? World Camp, Catskills
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