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Managing Up and Sideways

Presentation at the 2014 PMDMC

Robert Stein

on 4 July 2015

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Transcript of Managing Up and Sideways

Depending on others
You Need Others
How do you make things happen when you can't do it alone?
Our Objective
Review five scenarios where lack of cooperation is a problem
Discuss the crisis
Examine ways to resolve the challenge
Share with everyone
Overview and Explanation
of Scenarios

Each table is faced with a problem of cooperation that it is expected to address.
Your team will work to determine the ways to approach the challenge and hopefully improve the situation.
Facilitators at each table will keep the group moving forward and answer any questions.

Group Discussion

Facilitators (Katie, Mike, Shelley, Victor and Jolly) will take the group through the questions.
Try to establish 2-3 bullet points for each question to report out.
Facilitators will work to get the group to reach consensus.

The Challenge
What would success look like in this situation?

What might it take to reach success?

What might get in the way?

What are the strategies you might employ to move beyond the impediments and improve your ability to succeed?
The Team from MajorGiving
Robert Stein, Lisa Ondak, and Katie Gardella
with Victor Kendall, Mike Wallace, Jolly Brown, and Shelley Kerley
10 July 2014 - Denver
sometimes sucks
and you're not the boss?

• Identify the problem
• Active listening
• Negotiation
• Proceduralize
• Bring in a facilitator/consultant
• Conflict resolution
• Shared goals
• Clear expectations
• Necessary collaboration
• Underlying fear of criticism, shyness
- Root cause opposed to surface objections
• Solution might be to relieve him/her of some of his/her workload
• Need to anticipate what the other person has to do to be able to help them
• What are you really asking someone to do?
• What to do when things melt down?

What are the Takeaways?
Managing and
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