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Am I Ready For College...or Nah? Strategies for First-Year Success & Transition

Being A Successful Student

Miranda Manzanares

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Am I Ready For College...or Nah? Strategies for First-Year Success & Transition

Curve of Forgetting
walk briskly to where you plan to study
Debunking First-Generation College Myths
Culture Shock
Class of 2018
Am I Ready for College...or Nah?
Strategies for First-Year Success and Transition

Managing College Stress
Achieving Academic Success
Workshop Goals

Explore topics related to first-year well-being, success, & college transition

Debunking the First-Generation College Student Myth

College can be a Culture Shock

First-Year College Adjustment

Coping with stress in college

Strategies for academic success and time-management
recommended 6-7 hours of sleep
try something new
meet new people
establish your community
explore your interests
challenge what you know
find a hobby
Listen to music to mentally prepare
Drink an ice cold beverage
What exactly does it mean to be the first in the family?

"I don't belong here"

"I'm not college material"
Time Management
Balancing Act
Utilize Resources
Set Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals
Get Organized
Don't Panic
Preparing for the first exam
Study Skills Rule of Thumb

credits +2 = # days
reach out to TA's and professors
attend review sessions and office hours
know your strengths and weaknesses
take a 20 minute nap during the day
Common Feelings associated with College Adjustment

Excitement and Anxiety
and Shame
Curve of Forgetting
...Work hard, Play harder
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