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Shivek Kanwar

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of um

Dream Cloud Transportation In The Present As an Production Manager $121.00 plus taxes; is the monthly fee of these metropasses Family In my amzing family there is my father Mr.Kanwar and my mother Mrs.Kanwar. My sister that is 32 years old and finally me, Mr. Shivek Kanwar. I am 34 years old and my career is being a Engineering Manager. Mr. and Mrs. Kanwar Shivek Kanwar(Me) My Sister Hobbies Swimming Playing sports
such: soccer,
cricket etc. Reading Drawing Fishing Traveling Collecting Coins Spending Money Currently I am using metropasses to travel to and from places Some books i like are from the harry potter and the percy jackson series I enjoy sketching figures and faces I enjoy fishing with my family I have been to India, Usa, Austrailia, Great Britain, and many other places I started my collection during my childhood and it continues to grow each day This is what everyone enjoys Present Communication In currnt time I own a cell phone from alienware Occupation What is the overall job of a Chemical scientist:

Basically Chemical scientist's use scientific priciples and pertain them for practical situations, such as creating products, explosives etc. In other terms we apply change to peoples lives by using the physical features of matter (solids,liquids,gases) to create items that suit others need.

A simple example of a change to physical matter happens in our own houses whenever we bake dough to make cookies. By applying heat to the dough in the oven, we are able to differanciate their physical and chemical compositions (oven rods heat up, dough is heated and ends being cookies). The only other thing is that chemical scientists use more advanced items and machchines than a oven, but the idea is the same.

Our skills (the skills of a chemical scientist) apply an a wide range of areas. some of us type of scientist work at oil refineries, other's in food production areas and many other areas that preduce items for people in therir everyday lifes. Even though many of the products we create can be helpful others can be dangerouse suck as explosives that are harming our planets ozone layer and these explosives can also cause inoccent people to lose their homes.

Most chemical engineers work for manufacturing and processing companies. These companies are responsible for designing, constructing, implementing, operating, and maintaining equipment and processes in their companies’ plants/warehouses. The plants themselves can be anything from the largest and most famous companies to the lowest class companies.

Us chemical engineers also get involved in some industrial needs and experiments as well. It is our job to halp maintain compainies and keep them in high levels of status. Another part of our job is to fulfill every mans daily needs. If there are any problems, engineers figure out why and find solutions. While creating items we need to find where and how the items/products affect the enviroment.

Chemical engineering is a technical job, but that does not mean that it is a solitary one. An engineer may spend a large part of his or her day meeting with businesspeople, dealing with clients, or working as part of a team of scientists, technicians, machine operators, and other engineers. As they rise to managerial positions within their companies, these people-oriented, organizational tasks may become their most important responsibility.

It is common for engineers to specialize in a particular chemical process, such as oxidation or polymerization. Others specialize in a particular field, such as materials science, or the development of specific products, such as fertilizers and pesticides.

What I do as a Engineering Manager:

Overseeing all production and product development for a large company; dealing with businesspeople, marketers, and clients; budgeting; handling administrative duties. Budgets and Expenses
(spreadsheet) At the age of 34 My Education Middle School/Level (IBT program)
Allan A Martin
Mississauga, Ontario
Sept. 2010 - April 2012
High School/level (IB program)
Turner Fenton
Brampton, Ontario
Sept. 2012 - April 2016 Bachelor of Science - Bachelor of Science (Honors)
University of Guelph
Waterloo, Ontario
Sept. 2016- April 2020 Master’s Degree (Chemistry)- Master of Science
University of Guelph
Waterloo, Ontario
Sept. 2020- April 2022 Master of Applied Science - Master of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo. Ontario
Sept. 2022- April 2024 Accomodation Currently, I am living in a basement apartment at 493 Lynett Cr
Richmond hill, L4C 2V8. I live with a man named Hoyoung Chung. (If you would like to look at my future house please look at my white cloud behind) My dreams and wishes for my future are all inluded in my white cloud behind this laptop Thank you for watching shivek.kanwar.78.Friday February 18th 2011
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