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Is football all about money?

No description

Daisy Eden Hazard

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Is football all about money?

Keith Gillespie
No, Football isn't all about money.
Yes, football is all about money.
The best footballers go where the money is. Therefore, the teams with the most money dominate the game.

Footballers - Nurses
Why did I
choose this subject?
In Conclusion
Is football all about money?
Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer. He earns
per year. £32M in salary and earnings, and £17M via endorsements. Close behind is;

Footballers pay
Price of football
Some people say... ''Footballers just kick a ball around a field for 90 minutes'' True, but actors pretend to be someone they're not.
The money makes the football more exiting, winning leagues and cups gives clubs money to buy players.. which then means moer than one club is fighting for the number one spot
it isnt just footballers who get paid ridiculous amounts of money; golfers, F1 drivers and tennis players get paid more than footballers. So why do people get agrivated about footballers?
Kaka was playing for Ac Milan, and offer came for him to move to Manchester city. Kaka rejected the move because he was happy at AC Milan. Money didn't persuade him.
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi, arguably the worlds best player, along with Ronaldo. In 2011 an unnamed Russian club apparently approached barcelona for him. If this transfer was to happen, it would have broken the transfer record by twice the amount at £200M, The highest to date. He would be earning £461,000 a week after tax. Messi showed his passion for the club and stayed with Barcelona. If Money was a big factor then surley he would have moved.
In my opinion I have decided that football is NOT all about money. As you can see, many people have different views, but my opionion is that is isnt all about money.
https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODndN8dOAhU
https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55xMI53StE
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