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I took the leap. Went abroad. It was AMAZING. So now what?

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Andrea Haynes

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of I took the leap. Went abroad. It was AMAZING. So now what?

Today's Agenda
Go again!
Roundtable Discussions
In the Classroom
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Biomedical Engineer - Global Health
Course Projects
Developed medical devices
Classroom Discussions/Presentations
Chile Report
In the Classroom
On Campus
In your Community
Future Opportunities
Roundtable Discussions

On your Campus
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Study Abroad/International Office (interning/volunteering)
Mentoring others
Conversation partners
International Education Week
Extracurricular Clubs and Organizations
Advisory Committees
Poll Everywhere
In your Community
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Hannah Cazzetta, Dena Navarroli, Andrea Haynes
I went abroad. It was AMAZING...So now what??
International Communities (refugees, non-English speakers)
High Schools
Nonprofit organizations and volunteer trips

What are some ways you have incorporated your study away experience on campus and/or in your community?

What are some ideas you have for other ways to incorporate your experience?

Over the next five years, how would you like to continue to incorporate your study away experience?
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