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Emilee McElroy

No description

Susan Baker

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Emilee McElroy

Emilee McElroy
The Dinka Tribe
The Location
The location of the Dinka tribe is in Southern Sudan, Africa. It is the largest single national group in Sudan.
Cultural Factors
Their life revolves the cattle. They take care of the cattle from the time they wake up til they go to sleep.They also speak a language called Nilotic.
They use scarification to show that they are an adult. There is usually and ceremony/ritual that goes with it. The scars that are on the Dinka tribe are different than the Nuer tribe.
The conflicts are that there was a war and still have not fully recovered. They are also used to violence. There is not much schools so the schools are always crowded.
The clothing in the Dinka tribe is different than we have in America. The government wants women to wear hijab.
Sorghum porridge is consumed by most of the Dinka tribe. Mostly eat/drink: cow milk, fish, meat, beans, tomatoes, and rice. But it depends on the season.
In the Dinka tribe for houses they have round clay huts with thatch roofs. The houses are also easy to take down so they can move with their cattle.
Fast Facts
Girls do not got go school they learn how to keep the house.
The Dinka tribe carries some of the tallest people in the world.
Black is for the people of South Sudan, red for the bloodshed from the struggle for freedom, green for verdant land, blue for the waters of the Nile, the star mean the unity of states.
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