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Copy of Handing Over Of Vacant Possession

No description

Kim Ung

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Handing Over Of Vacant Possession

Handing Over Of Vacant Possession
Handing Over Of Vacant Possession

a. Pre-VP Procedure

c. VP Briefing: During
appointment day

b. VP Kit Preparation

b. VP Kit Preparation
Prepare 3days in advance

VP kit includes:

Keys, VP5, letter of contact point, home warranty, termite cert, ccc copy, VP7, floor plan, materials code, 5 compulsory documents(authorization letter, renovation form, cheque addressees, change of address & access card form ), quit rent, assessment, TNB and access card.
c. VP5 Briefing : During appointment day
1.) Verify customer by IC.

2.) Check if payment clear
(Misc fee & Service fee), if not, inform customer payment need to pay before collect their keys.

- IFCA & IBS system needed for receipt issuance

3.) Confirm with customer Lot# & address

11.) General Rule
Explain to customer developer shall not be responsible for theft, vandalism or any losses and damages
(except construction defect if still within warranty period)

12.) Request customer sign and acknowledge the VP 5 form.

13.) Call Site Supervisor to inform joint inspection.

a. Pre-VP Procedure
4. Make key collection appointment
before VP appointment

5. Advice customer about the payment for miscellaneous and service charges upon the VP appointment and two IC copy for TNB application

4.) Explain defects :

Warranty period (6/12/24/30/36 mths)
Warranty coverage : Original Structure, No Amendment and Wear & Tear items (14 days warranty only).

VP 7 process explain to customer if any defects identified.

6.) TNB meter installation
- Check with customer if TNB
application submitted, if not, request customer IC for application (at least 2 person’s IC required).
6. Submit DA to site supervisor
before the actual VP appointment
5.) Renovation deposit
Amount required and it’s refundable.
Explain reason : To ensure the renovation is spotless.
Explain customer the renovation refund process.

9.) Doc/ Loose Fittings handed over :
-Home Warranty Cert
-Termite Cert
-CCC copy
-Cut off fuse
-Receipt for Fire Extinguisher (for shop office only)

10.) Electrical & Sanitary Fitting installation :
Explain the process
Inform customer need to be done within 6 mths

7.) CCC/ Water & Electricity Supply
Show CCC to customer
Inform customer will submit TNB & SAJ application accordingly.

8.) Deed of Mutual Convenants (if applicable)
- Repair and Maintenance policy
1. CCC Approval

2. Credit department issue VP letter to customer

3. Check customer payment methods

Cash buyer Loan settlement

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