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An overview of the major types of heroes in Literature and Film

Joelle Schwartz

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of Heroes

The Anti-Hero
The Tragic Hero
Main Character of a tragedy who is doomed to fail in search of their tragic dream despite their best efforts or good intentions. Their flaws ultimately lead to their downfall, evoking sympathy from the audience.

Before the Renaissance:
tragic heroes were a victim of the gods.

After the Renaissance:
shift in personal responsibility
Tragic hero's destiny is brought about by their own flaws and weaknesses.
Byronic Hero
Modeled from Romantic Era poetry by Lord Byron
Attractive and charismatic
moody, cynical, demanding, arrogant
dwells on the pains or perceived injustices of his life
distaste for tradition and social norms, often resulting in social isolation
disrespect of rank and privilege
His intense drive and determination to fight for his cause produce conflict, which may result in a tragic end, should he fail, or revolution, should he succeed.
Traditional Hero
Displays admirable and moral qualities.
Often has a well-rounded skill set.
Powerful leader, can get a diverse set of personalities under his command to focus and pull together.
Often has something he is known for (logo, specific weapon, etc.)
In the end they "save the day" and are well loved and respected by all.
Stems from the Byronic Hero in Literature.
A protagonist who has the opposite of most of the traditional attributes of a hero.
Often lack courage, honesty and social graces.
They may be bewildered, ineffectual, deluded, or merely apathetic.
Often they present themselves as rebel, an outsider, or someone that goes against the grain.
Epic Hero
Demonstrates the greatest characteristics of their culture
Often from royalty and live larger than life
Go on an epic quest and have to battle mythical creatures, opposing armies, gods, etc.
On their quest they demonstrate courage and superhuman strength
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