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Renaissance Museum Tour

works of art

Samantha Jimenez

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Renaissance Museum Tour

Fra Angelico
c.1450-c.1455 Angelico, a florentine painter, in tradition was not called a artist but an "inspired saint". Angelico was in fact a professional artist though he begun as an illuminator of missals and worked his way to create frescoes that are considered master pieces today. Name: San Marco Altarpiece
Subject: Virgin and Child surrounded by Angels and Saints
Style:Tempera on Wood Name: The Last Judgment
Subject: Christ sits in judgement surrounded by Mary, John, Angels and Saints
Style: Tempera on panel Name:Coronation of the Virgin
Subject: Christ crowning the Virgin
Style: Tempera on panel Name: Deposition of Christ
Subject: Christ being supported by many people
Style: Tempera on panel El Greco 1541-1641 El Greco was an Cretan-born painter, sculptor and architect who lived in Spain. He is regarded as the first great genius of the Spanish school. El Greco was trained as an icon-maker in a monastery then went to Venice where he was mentored by Titian. Later, he went to Rome and met Michealangelo where he was stimulated and gathered much influence from others as well. Name: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
Subject: Don Gonzalo being burried by Saint Stephen and Saint Augustine
Style: oil on canvas Name: The Disrobing of Christ
Subject: Christ looking up to heaven surrounded by violence and being disrobed.
Style: oil on canvas Name:Adoration of the Shepherds
Subject: Shepherds who have gathered to pay homage to the miraculous birth of The infant Christ.
Style: oil on canvas Name: Two Saints
Subject: Two Prophets
Material: wood Lorenzo Ghiberti 1378-1455 Ghiberti, an Italian sculptor was taught the trade of a goldsmith under his father. He was best known as a painter in fresco,in his work he brings forth a task to keep a deep religious feeling. A prized quality of his is that he seized every opportunity to study the remains of ancient art. He even beat the work of Donatello in a famous art contest. Name: Gates of Paradise(earliest panel)
Subject: Creation of Adam and Eve
Material: Gilt Bronze Name: Sacrifice of Isaac
Subject: Isaac being sacrificed
Material: Gilt Bronze Name: self-portrait from The Gates of Paradise
Subject: Lorenzo Ghiberti
Material: Gilt Bronze Benvenuto Cellini 1500-1571 Cellini was an Italian artist, metal worker, and sculptor born in Florence. When he was banished for six months he went out and explored creating many different pieces. Cellini made pieces such as vases, candlesticks and jewelry in his early ages.His goldsmith art was his most popular and prized although he also did make famous paintings and several sculptures on a grander scale. Name: The Salieri of Francis l
Subject: The god of sea and goddess of agriculture
Material: gold and enamel with ebony base Name: Head of Medusa
Subject: Medussa's head
Material: Bronze Name:Perseus holding the head of Medussa
Material: Bronze with brown patina Name: Bust of Cosimo
Subject: Duke Cosimo
Material: Bronze Luca Della Robbia 1397-1482 Luca an Italian sculptor was one of the pioneers of Florentine renaissance style and founder of a family studio. Before his family works in the studio he apparently practiced solely on marble. Later, he did works of terra-cotta which he is known for putting his own schemes into the work. Name: Cantoria
Subject: Singing gallery
Material: Marble Name: Madonna and Child
Material: Marble Name: The Adoration of the Sheperds
Subject:Sheperds near witness birth of Jesus
Material:polychrome enamelled terracotta Name:Meeting of Mary and Elisabeth
Material: White Terracotta Fillipo Brunelleschi 1377-1446 Brunelleschi, architect and engineer, started off and eventually ,mastered training for a goldsmith and sculptor. The high point of his career is when he competed with many other famous artists for the depicting of " The Sacrifice of Isaac''. he did not win and disapointed he decided to concentrate on architecture instead of sculpture. Later, he was able to use optical and geometric principles to produce works of astonishing realism. Name : Florence Cathedral Dome
Materials: Sandstone, marble, bricks and more Name: Sacrifice of Isaac
Material: Bronze Name: Fillipo Brunelleschi
Subject: Brunelleschi looking up to the cathedral
Material: Marble Name: Crucifix
Subject: Jesus on the cross
Material: Wood Leon Battista Alberti 1404-1472 Alberti is not only known as a writer but an architect as well. He wrote many pieces but also carried out some of his architectural ideas. He was very good in math and found it to the highest of his interests to use it for greater. With that in thought he used those skills to create beautiful architectural work. Name: Santa Maria Novella Name: Tempio Malatestiana Thank You for watching!! Prezi by: Samantha Jimenez
Pd.3 References used: www.abcgallery.com , www.ibiblio.org , www.nndb.com
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