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MKTG465 - E-Mart Sunny Sale

Hot Topic

Oliver Oxenham

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of MKTG465 - E-Mart Sunny Sale

E-Mart is the oldest and largest discount supermarket chain in South Korea.
"The Walmart of South Korea"
However, E-Mart begun to notice a decline in sales during lunchtime -12pm to 1pm.
South Korean's like to eat lunch at home, at restaurants, and in food courts during the break in their working day.
E-Mart employed Korean advertising agency 'Cheil Worldwide' to come up with a solution to increase lunchtime sales. Idea!
The E-Mart "Sunny Sale" Cheil Worldwide came up with an innovative marketing strategy - The E-Mart "Sunny Sale".
3-D QR code readers were placed in busy pedestrian locations around the capital city Seoul.
The QR code readers worked via sunlight when the shadows align between the hours of 12pm and 1pm.
Consumers scan the QR code to receive discounts, limited time offers and a $12 E-Mart coupon. Why are Creative Campaigns &
Mobile Marketing Important? Today's consumers are "switching off" to traditional forms of advertising.
Unique, creative campaigns are what stand out from the crowd!
Brand awareness & brand recall.
More and more consumers are using smartphones.
Mobile marketing is a new channel for marketers to exploit. How it Relates to Class? Chapter 6: "Developing a Creative Strategy that Moves People"
The Sunny Sale was unique and creative
It was entertaining and relevant for consumers
Chapter 8: "Integrated Communications"
Street campaign & Mobile marketing
Direct Marketing
Sales Promotions
Chapter 10: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Campaign"
The Sunny Sale was easy to measure
Via the app, online sales between 12pm - 1pm, number of coupons redeemed
"Evaluation is vital to all aspects of the campaign "The Walmart of South Korea" Sunny
Sale Blink Agency's Creative Department
Unique ideas for Blackberry? Key Players Where to Learn More E-Mart
Cheil Worlwide
E-Mart's competitors
Smartphone companies and network providers YouTube: Search "E-Mart Sunny Sale"
Cheil Worldwide Agency website
AdWeek.com: Search "E-Mart Sunny Sale"
Lexis Nexis Academic: Search "E-Mart Sunny Sale" E-Mart Sunny Sale Awards South Korean ad agency 'Cheil Worldwide' received a number of awards for the E-Mart Sunny Sale.
2 x medals at London International Awards 2012
5 x Lions at the Cannes Lions Awards 2012
7 x Spikes at Spikes Asia Awards 2012
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