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The New Education Scheme Of ICAP

No description

Saad Khan

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of The New Education Scheme Of ICAP

Our Policies are inconsistent.

The New Education Scheme of ICAP
How we go
ICAP's Vision and Mission
The Change in Scheme
My Views
The new Scheme Of Education

ICAEW 14 papers
ICAI 15 papers
ACCA 14 papers
ICAP 21 papers
8 years ago all papers of CA were Exempt for ACCAs

Then exemption was reduced to only CA inter exams
Now limited to a few papers and ACCA students are also required to register with ICAP for articleship in CA firms.

Recognition of ICAP
ICAP members get exemption from the Professional Stage exams and mandatory training of ICAEW. ICAP members are required to complete the Advanced Stage exams and the Ethics module for admission to membership of ICAEW.
ICAP members with 12 year experience, through Evaluation of Experience (EvE) program, are eligible to become members of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants without appearing in any further examinations.

Exemptions to the SDAIs

A qualified Chartered Accountant gets exemption of 9 out of 14 papers.

Bridge the Gap

Chartered Accountancy should be a bench mark of professional excellence upholding the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.
Achieve excellence in professional competence, add value to business and economy, safeguard public interest, ensure ethical practices and good corporate governance while recognizing the needs of globalization.

KPMG TH and Co.
An Evaluation Criteria for Exams
Effective Communication of the Policies.
CSDC be made compulsory.
Examiner more in touch with the students through articles.
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