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Personalized Learning

No description

Monica McCaffery

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning
Input 1
When students connect their interests and passions with their learning, education becomes meaningful, and students become active members of their education.
Input 2
Community and Collaboration
Input 3
Assessment AS Learning
A Change in Paradigm

Each student can live and feel the importance of their education. An eduction that is not "done to them" but one that they plan and work to make happen.
Students' voice and choice should drive the learning. Allowing students to actively participate in the developing of their learning plan, gives the students ownership and a desire to grasp their knowledge.
"Anywhere any time education" Technology allows students to access a wide variety of information at anytime
Students work not just with those in their classroom --rather they have a world wide classroom to develop community and collaborate.
Student interests and ideas
Students select targets from a continuum (CCSS)
Students select a method to show learning
Students help to develop rubrics

Personalized Learning
Moving to personalized learning will look different for each teacher, classroom, and district.
Stage one - Teacher centered - but giving students more voice and choice
Stage two - Student and teacher co-designing environment, educational plan, and assessment
Stage three - Learner Driven -student develops exciting learning plans based on interests desires and needs. Teacher is learning partner.
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