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Arthur Hip Hop

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Arthur Hip Hop

Hip Hop History
In started in the 1970. The first person went to the moon in 1969, the beatles came to america, and in 1972 richared nixon was president. And is still in the present my three artist is drake and cee lo green and the best artist is icejjfish. They are all performing today.
Tempo largo
Pitch low
Dynamics piano
Timbre groovy flowy
Drake was born in Toronto Canada and he is a famous rapper he was born in 1986. He is still rapping today.
Is the best singer of all time and he is 25 he doesn't like people going to moms house he is a youtube sinsation and is sponsors by headshots. He was born
Arthur Hip Hop
cee lo green
cee lo green was born 1976 and singer he host the voice. He was born in Atlanta Georgia.
tempo allegro
pitch high
dynamics forte
timbre happy joyful
tempo moderato
pitch high
dynamics piano
tembre groovy calm
I used youtube and google. I had fun doing hop hop project.
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