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No description

Erin McArthur

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of AXE

Axe Houghton Group
Who we are &
What we do

The Axe Houghton Group is more than a distribution company; it is a brand-building company.
What we do, and How we do It
Our Brands
DropShip & Connectivity
Experience &
Quality & Diversity
Profit Magazine's top 100

By emphasizing
product differentiation
that matter to consumers, AHG creates a need for the brand, not just a desire.

AHG creates
advertising campaigns
that communicate the unique selling points & benefits to the consumer, as well as present the consumer with an offer they can’t refuse.

Social Media & Online presence
improves brand recognition & Customer Satisfaction

Our unique ability to
sustain an advertising
presence over years along with our deep distribution networks, allows for greater penetration into the retail channel with existing brands.
Heater, Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Water Treatment & more

EDI Capabilities
Oreck, already a well-known and trusted brand in the USA, was virtually unknown in Canada.
AHG began distributing Oreck products in Canada in 1994
Today, the Oreck Air Purifier is one of the longest running infomercials in Canada.
And our strategy works. For four years running, AHG has made Profit Magazine’s list of Top 100 fastest growing companies.

Toll Free in-house Bilingual Customer Service & Customer friendly Warranty procedures.
We can do the same for you!
apart from developing our own brands, we also develop branded products for our partners who seek marketing, distribution & fulfillment solutions.
With our proven method of direct response marketing coupled with our vast distribution network, we ensure that great products come to market & stay there.
Thank You

Graphic Design & Marketing team

Custom User Manuals



Brand Management


DR TV, Radio & Print

46,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse In Canada

31,800 Sq. Ft. Warehouse In Tennessee
The Oreck XL is the best-selling air purifier in Canada with a 20% market share.
Oreck Canada’s great success has shown that AHG’s marketing strategy
Sustaining DR campaigns over several years instead of just months like traditionalDR advertising, is beneficial for building brand recognition & sustaining a market presence.
Same Day
Orders are downloaded
Commerce HUB
SPS Commerce
Proprietary Platforms
Pick & Pack
SAP Back Office Integration
Orders are ready to ship
CHEP Pallet
Labeling Capabilities
Orders are picked up
Canada Post
SAP Integration
Day & Ross
Closing Time
ASN Invoices are Uploaded
All in a day!
Interconnected Multidisciplinary Team
Office in China with 4 Engineers
In factory QC
OEM Capabilities
North American Team
Depot in Tennessee & Winnipeg
Dealer & Customer Technical Support
Dedicated 1-800 numbers
QC & Product improvement team
Some Companies we Dropship for:
Proprietary Brands
Strategic Partnership Brands
Home Depot
Northern Tool
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