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Summer Ball By Mike Lupica

No description

Laura Cody

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Summer Ball By Mike Lupica

Summer Ball By Mike Lupica
The main characters are...
Danny, Tess, Will, Ty, Tarik, Zach, Rasheed (His dad died in a robbery), Lamar (who is not nice at all), Richie (He played in the NBA), Ali (Richie's wife) and Coach Ed Powers
Summary 1
This book started off telling about the end of a book that was the first of the small sequel the book was called Travel Team. Danny didn't want to go to a basketball camp called "Right Way". It has all the good basketball players in the north east side of the U.S.A. Danny goes with his friends Will, and Ty.
Danny and his friends take a plane to the camp and they meet a kid named Tarik and he is going to the camp also . So finally Danny gets there to the camp and he sees Rasheed. Him and Rasheed had played in a game and Danny took a charge against Rasheed to make him foul out. Then Danny's team won that game. And at camp Danny and Rasheed are on the same team, Rasheed does not like Danny very much. Danny couldn't get a bunk with his friends so he has to stay in a camp with a kid named Zach , Zach is younger than Danny.
I would recommend this book for ages 10 to 13 year olds, and people that like basketball grades 5TH-7TH
This book is realistic fiction.

Ryan Osterman.
Summary 2
Summary 3
Their coach is Coach Powers , Richie (Danny's dad) was going to play for Coach Powers but Richie at the last second went to another team. At camp Danny found out that his coach for his team was Coach Powers. The camp was only for about three to four weeks. I know not that bad right? But for Danny since Coach Powers was his coach Danny had to run a lot and barely got to play in the camp's league games just because Richie was his dad.
Summary 4
During one practice Danny had to guard Rasheed . Rasheed likes to attack the basket and Rasheed drove on Danny and Danny tried to take a charge but the coach called a block on Danny and Danny hurt his knee, it was all swollen. The next week it is just normal practice. But one day Danny was shooting around with Zach and Lamar (who is not nice at all) took Zach's basketball and poked a hole in it and Zach went after Lamar and Danny protected Zach and Lamar tried to hit Danny but Rasheed grabbed lamar and put him in a head lock and then Danny and Rasheed were friends.
Summary 5
After one scrimmage Danny faked a little bit to hurt his knee (his dad had terrible knees when he played). So Danny got to call his Mom and text a friend that is a girl that he likes. Her name is Tess. He emailed her and asked where was she at and she said across a lake on one side of the camp. They texted back and forth and Danny, Will, Ty, Tarik, Rasheed, and Zach all went to Tess's uncles cabin across a mile long lake. And when they got back they got in trouble and Zach made up a crazy story and Zach said it was his idea to sneak out. Danny's team in the camp makes it to the finals and Danny gets to play in a full quarter instead of three minuets. Read the book to find out if Danny's team wins or if Danny makes a fool of himself.
Steven said, I think this book was really good, mainly because I love sports books. Even if you don't like sports books you should still like this book. And rated this book with five stars.
Matt Martin said, This is my most favorite book in the world. I would so read this book because of how good this is. He rated it five stars.
Cam said, I love Summer Ball because it was a fun sequel to Travel Team and everything was great for atheltic kids like me. It really didn't leave out any detail. And rated it five stars.
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