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Money Bernarda


on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Money.

Ms. Margots class
586 BC they had precious metals they were rear to find scaly shaped and weighted. made out of gold and silver,rough and crud. In the coins there were pictures of early europeans and rulers.
Paper Money
Chines paper money Tsai lun invented the paper money. 1,900 years ago. They started using it 700 years ago. Ran out of copper so not to many coins , writing buy hand ,coins were still available.
Invisible money
Checks are invisible money banks keep track of your money. Debit cards take money from your bank account. credit cards bank lends you money.
Each culture had a type of money .
Did not needed to way to much it needed to be valuable
it was rear to find or really hard.
Thousands of years ago people used to trade important or valuable stuff. the problems of bartering was items did not last long, lacked value and very important, it was really heavy.

The needs of man kind have
evolved over time

I hope you liked it !

By Bernarda
I am much Better like this
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