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My Brother Sam is Dead Ciaran

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam is Dead Ciaran

My Brother Sam is Dead
James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier
Clambering- to climb quickly and awkwardly by using hands and feet.

Muzzle- the open end of a gun barrel

Skirmish- brief or minor fight between two peole or two groups

Dismount- get off something

Deserter- someone who abandoned the army

Surveyor- a person whose job is to take a comprehensive view of land or buildings.

Shilling- former brithish coin used till 1971

Apprentice- someone who's learning a trade or craft with a skilled person.

Disarm- to deprive of the means to attack or defend.

Cipher- write in a code

4 Important Characters
Sam- Sam is a young man you has gone to the army to get freedom from the british. He has great spirit and enthusiasm. He has a brother who he likes and a dad whohe doesn't.

Tim- Sam is Tim's brother. He is a little scared for his brother and he is alsoa bit enthusiastic and he likes his father. He is a good boy because when Sam wanted the gun he said it was wrong, specially without permission.

Betsy- Betsy is Sam's girlfried. She has courage as she really wanted to open the letter and tried everything.

Father- Father is Sam and Tim's dad. He has a temper against anything that involves something mischeveas. Well, for there safety.
The setting of this book was in colonies of america. It was based in a few places. Where Tim and father get caught by cowboys. The other one was there house.
This book was set during the Amrican Revolution. When the British Empire were ruling the U.S. During 1765 to 1783.
Time Period
Which Character do I Identify myself as
Would I change the ending of the book
I identy myself with Tim because if i had a brother I wouldn't want him walking away to the army specially stealing the families gun. I would like a brother that would stay home and help. But if he did I would be mad and just hope he doesn't die.
No I wouldn't change the end of the book. I thought it was a good way to end the book after a good story.

I would recommend this book because it was very good. It got exciting and when Sam dies it was sad. I would recommend it to people you like the revolution and people who like sad stories.
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