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Blogging Odyssey

No description

Phoebe Alexander

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Blogging Odyssey

A Blogging Odyssey September 11, 2008 Hijinks and Hootenanies Lulu and Friends Blogger Bashes A few things I've written about... Keep in Touch With Me... I wrote my first post: Wow I made a ton of friends on the site in 4.5 years.
I made some enemies too, but you'd rather see pictures of me with my friends, right?
Here are a few I can share here: Lulu by the Numbers Follow me on these sites under the name Mountains Wanted LadyUnlaced 2010 in
Washington DC 2011 in Las Vegas 2011 in Washington DC 2012 in Chicago 2012 in Washington DC c just what I need is another effin' blog Sep 11, 2008 11:04 pm
I have three other blogs. Why in the world would I want to keep up another one?

One of my blogs resides on myspace and is meant to spread sunshine and rainbows to my family back home (750 miles from here). It's all a calculated effort to convince them that things here are spectacular and they shouldn't waste a moment worrying about us. We would *never* want unexpected visitors from back home!

Blog #2 is on livejournal and is about my everyday life...lots of family and work stuff. Most of the really personal (but vanilla) stuff can only be read by my LJ friends while some entries are totally private.

The third blog is also on livejournal but is totally public and totally anonymous. It chronicles my swinging experiences in all their glory...down to every last detail. I am brutally honest about my playdates...what I liked, what I didn't like. And one of the reasons I'm able to keep it real like that is that very few people know about the blog. My husband doesn't even know the username.

This one has to be at least partially censored because, let's face it, I'm meeting people from this site and I'm not really out to hurt feelings. I have met *several* single men and couples who are on here now and most of my experiences have been delightful. A few playdates have left a little to be desired...but everything I encounter enriches me or impacts me in some way. I learn so much about myself and about others when I play. As an educator, I can point to research that demonstrates we learn best through play! I love finding out what makes people tick and revealing bits and pieces of myself, letting another human soak up my essence like a sponge.
I look forward to sharing some of that essence with my readers And a special gift to you... From March 4-8th, download my
book, Mountains Wanted, for free
at Amazon.com. It would be awesome if you read it and left me a review! It's been a long, strange trip...
Thank you for being part of it.

All my love to you,
Lulu The First Year And some more shots I can share here: Did you know I
used to be blonde? Guess what I'm doing
in this picture! To those of you who have been reading my blog long enough to remember me blonde...thanks for sticking around :) Yep, I went red in Fall 2009 after my first year of blogging. I mostly blogged about my swinging experiences, and I ranted a lot about emails I received on the site. I didn't really start reading other bloggers in the community til the end of my first year. I had been missing all the fun! an aside...I posted my first bit of erotica on September 3, 2009. Welcome to a look back at my
4.5 years of blogging! This photograph was my profile pic for much of my time! A brief list of some of the fun I've had with my fellow bloggers
throughout the years:

Tagline Tuesday
Half Nekkid Wednesday
Hijack Tuesday
Hump Day Pimp Day
LadyUnlaced's School for the Bloggerly Challenged
The Fuckable Off
Pussy Week
Hug a Blogger Day
AFF Idol
On the Road Contest
Geocaching for Pervs
Testimonial Challenge
Naughty Packing Game
The Jello Wars
My virtual gangbang/slumber party Which do you remember?
Did you participate?
Share your memories on my blog post.
I'd love to hear them :) The Luscious LadyTatas The Incomparable MollyBoston The Beautiful PurplePeach72 And those are the pictures
I CAN show you here ;) Swinger FAQs Questions like:
how do you separate sex and love?
how do you handle jealousy?
what types of people are swingers?
what really happens at swinger parties?
what kinds of rules/etiquette do swingers have?

And I tackled the bi double standard, misperceptions about group sex, and how male enhancement drugs are used in the lifestyle A LOT about my weight/body image...and how much I hate being called a BBW An example:
"What I don't understand is that these men mean those things as a compliment. They think they are proving that they are attracted to women of some size, and that women will really appreciate that.
But I beg to differ. It really does nothing other than piss me off.

Say I'm beautiful, say you want me, say I have a nice body, but WHY do you have to so explicitly reference my size? *ESPECIALLY* in the very first email! It is nothing but an automatic turnoff to me when there is any reference to my weight in an initial message. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who feels this way. " Other things
I wrote about... The Anti-Chris Manifesto
So...about last night... (wrote that A LOT in 4.5 years!)
Parties! Bashes!
Rants about the site
How I'm not bi but I lick pussy on occasion
Would you like to see my boobs?
Sex Week (like shark week but way better!)
Tons of erotica: M/F, MFM, FMF, MFMF, etc
And lots and lots of crappy emails I received... First poem I blogged: I need to feel your lips brush against my creamy skin...

paint the ridge of my collarbone with your tongue
catch your breath falling behind my earlobe
absorb it into my body like heat from a flame

I need your fingertips to graze the curve of my breast...

hear the gasp escape my lips when you pull me into your arms
not tolerating one more second of our skin not pressed together like two pages in a closed book

You trace the hollow at the small of my back...

my hair falls against my shoulders and caresses your arm
your lips have found mine again
how can you pull me any closer?

my answer comes as you sink yourself into me...

soaking in the embrace of my flesh
drawing you in to me
convergence 3/1/10 And I wasn't afraid to share my private parts
with you either... my formerly private parts: 12/11/09
You know, before becoming a swinger I had never really given any thought whatsoever to the size and shape of my pussy, except perhaps in an unfortunate way related to childbirth...but let's not go there for now (you're going to stitch me WHERE?!) I had never seen a picture of it and had only looked at it in the mirror a handful of times. I got to study a picture of myself for the first time after one of our photo shoots early into our entry to the lifestyle. I remember thinking, "Hmmm, I guess it looks normal." To be honest, I hadn't ever really looked at others for comparison.

I was not prepared for the response I would receive to my pictures. I always have people write me with very interesting things to say about my formerly private parts. I did not expect my pussy to become such a focal point and sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have shared those pictures. However, looking at it now and after having seen hundreds of other specimens, I have to say I think it's really a beautiful body part. Not just mine, but most of them (I'll admit there are a few that I'm like, ewwwwww!) So I have just decided to embrace my pretty private parts!

I have some amazing plans for those parts (and the rest of me!) this weekend. Tonight we're playing with Aaron and Marissa...and the four of us haven't gotten together to play for a really long time! I'm excited! And of course, Saturday night is the gangbang. I can't believe my longstanding fantasy is finally going to come true. Be prepared for pictures, details and possibly videos to be shared next week!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend...and if you have a lady in your life, tell her how beautiful she is...and her private parts too! And the top 10 list of things I learned:

10. If you choose to really get involved in the blogging community, it's a lot like
going back to high school. There are cliques, there are labels, there's popularity
and detention. You have to chart a course through murky social waters. And seemingly,
you never graduate!

9. People will always read things into what I write that aren't there, no matter
how careful I am.

8. I can try to stimulate conversation (i.e. get comments!) with thought-provoking posts,
but I often get a lot more feedback just posting a picture of my boobs.

7. I have never regretted showing other bloggers love or kindness. I have only regretted words that were not shared out of love or kindness.

6. Blogging has made me realize that I will never stop learning about myself. It's amazing how so many things are illuminated through mere words on a screen.

5. Meeting bloggers in person takes it to a whole new level - a wonderful, but complicated level that will always involve a private and public face to your relationships.

4. Indexes rock. They just do, people!

3. You can find love on the blogs. You may even find your best friend. I did.

2. There are going to be people who love me and people who hate me. And most of them will decide without ever meeting me.

and the number one thing I've learned:

1. The highest compliment I can be paid is, "You made me think." LadyT and I the day
we filmed the infamous Jello Video Me posing in Valley of the Fire State Park, where I went hiking with fellow bloggers! Some gratuitious blogger cleavage - me and PurplePeach72 Andrew and I at the Art Institute during the Chicago Bash Andrew took this picture of me in front of the Capitol during
the 2012 Bash Number of posts: 2200+
Number of comments received: almost 50,000
Number of comments I made: nearly 33,000
Number of comments in my private mailbox: 567
Highest number of watchers: 1607
Number of times I had sex in 2012: 231
(so, extrapolating, in 4.5 years I had sex approximately 1040 times in my blogging career!) (now, go back and leave me a nice goodbye comment! LOL) by the way...
you don't have to have a kindle
to read the book...
you can read it with a kindle app
on a tablet or smart phone
or you can read it in the kindle
cloud on any computer with
internet access! :)
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