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Football Cell Analogy

Cell Organelles Analogy based off 2010 Stanford Football Team

Rankin Thompson

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Football Cell Analogy

Rankin Thompson How the 2011 Stanford Cardinal is like a cell. Examples Andrew Luck, the Quarterback, is like the Nucleus He is like the Nucleus, because he is the brains of the operations, and he tells the team what to do. Just as the Nucleus tells the rest of the cell what to do. The Offensive Line is like the Nuclear Envelope The offensive line is like the Cell Wall of a Plant cell because it protects Andrew Luck and the running backs from pursuing defenders. Like the cell wall protects the cell from germs and other cells. David Shaw, the head coach, is like the Cytoplasm in a cell David Shaw is like the Cytoplasm, because he is the one who holds every thing in place. Like the Cytoplasm holds all the organelles in a cell in place. The Uniforms are like the Chloroplasts of a cell The Uniforms are like the plastids, because they give the Stanford their Cardinal color, just like plastids give plants their green color. An Offensive lineman is like the Ribosomes in a cell An offensive lineman is like the Ribosomes because he makes the blocks that the running backs need to get touchdowns, just like the Ribosomes make the energy needed to help the cell perform it's job. The Line of Scrimmage is like the Endoplasmic reticulum The Line of Scrimmage is like the Endoplasmic reticulum, because it is where most of the linemen are, just like the Endoplasmic reticulum is where most or the Ribosomes are Andrew Luck is also like the Golgi bodies Andrew Luck is like the Golgi Bodies because, he takes the football and delivers it to a wide-reciever, just like the Golgi Bodies package up protiens and deliver them out of the cell. The fans are like the Mitochondria The fans are like the Mitochondria because, they provide the energy that the team needs to play well, just like the Mitochondria makes energy that the cell needs to perform it's actions The playbook is like the DNA The playbook is like the DNA because, the team reads it to know how to perform their plays, just like the Romosomes read the DNA to know how to make protein.
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