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Madison Long

on 25 October 2011

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Transcript of Penguins

Penguins By: Madison Long Types of Penguins Emporer Penguin Macaroni Penguin King Penguin Fairy Penguin The Emporer Penguin is the tallest penguin there is. They are almost 4 feet tall, and can weigh up to 100 pounds! They can also dive deeper than any other bird, up to 1,500 feet deep! The Macaroni Penguin's diet is mostly, krill, fish and squid. You can find Macaroni Penguins in the Antarctic Reagion Gentoo Penguin Chinstrap Penguin Rockhopper Penguin Megellanic Penguin Yellow Eyed Penguin Blackfooted Penguin Adelie Penguin Galapagos Penguins The King Penguin is almost as tall as the Emporer. They are 3 feet tall, and they weight 15 or 16 killograms. The Fairy Penguin is the smallest penguin. It weighs only 1 killogram! They're also only 30 centemeters tall! That's a pretty small penguin. The Gentoo Penguin's diet is rock cod, lantern fish, and squid. Their location is The Antarctic Penincula, and the Subantarctic Islands The Chinstrap Penguin's live on iceburgs that are on the ocean in the Atlantic region. Their diet is krill and fish. The Rockhopper Penguins get thier name 'Rockhopper' because they hop over rocks by the shores where they live. You could find Rockhopper Penguins in the Sub-Antarctic islands Did you know that Megellanic Penguin's nests are burrows under rocks or bushes. Megellanic's are 27 inches tall, and only 9 pounds. Did you know that the Yellow Eyed Penguin is the rarest penguin? They live in on the coast of New Zealand and the Southern islands. Here's something cool, Blackfooted Penguins can swim up to 50 miles while hunting for food! They also eat 25 different kinds of fish. Now, you already know that the Fairy Penguin is the smallest penguin but, the Adelie Penguin is the smallest penguin on the Antarctica contenent. They are 28 inches tall and weigh 8-9 pounds The Galapagos Penguins get thier name from the Galapagos islands. That's where they live. Thier diet is mullet, sardines, and squid There are 17 different species of penguins. I am going to tell you about some of the different kinds of Penguins and some short facts about them. Penguins are wonderful animals that I will be telling you about today. Lets get started with the different types of penguins. Now that we are done talking about different types of penguins, I will be telling you about a penguin's lifespan. Penguin's Lifespan You might think that Penguins don't have a very long live. If you thought that, you would be wrong. A Penguins average age would be 30 years old. The oldest penguin ever lived died when it was 47 years old! That's 17 years older than an average penguin! Migration Now, I will be telling you about penguins migration. A migration is when animals travel long distance in seach of a new habitat. A penguins migration is 6-8 months long. Most penguins migrate after breeding and multing. All of the migration is taking place in the water. The distance of their travel is up to 5,500 km. Tracking penguin migration is very difficult. The only time penguins aren't migrating, is when they are breeding Staying Warm Have you ever wondered how Penguins stand the cold? If you haven't, your about to find out, because we are going to talk about how Penguins stay warm in very cold weather. Since penguins live in a very cold envirerment, there are multiple ways that they can stay warm in such cold weather. One way is because they have very short and stiff feathers. They also have thick layers of fat to keep them warm. In other places that are colder than others, penguins have and extra layer of feathers underneath. Where They Live Next, we will find out where penguins can be found. They can be found in lots of places, depending on what type of penguin they are. Penguins can be found in a lot of places, depending on what kind of penguin they are. These places are in the Southern Hemisphere. They live in very cold climates. Some places are Antarctica, New Zeland, South America, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. Once a year, penguins form colonies called rockeries. During this time, penguins mate and raise thier young. Most of the time, they will be quiet. Sometimes, rockeries can get up to thousands of penguins. Chicks Next we will be talking about chicks. Just so we're clear, a chick is a baby Penguin. You will find out some things that you might not have known about chicks before. Did you know that The Emporer and King Penguins only lay one egg in their whole life? While the chick is in the egg, the female goes hunting for food and male keeps the egg warm. The chicks only stay in the egg for about 65 days. After that, the females come back with food for the chick. While the females are gone, the tempatures drop to -60 degrees farenhieght! So the males huddle around each other to keep all of the eggs warm. When the chick is about 4 weeks, it will be about 4 pounds. When chicks get older, they form groups called Creche's. That's how they stay warm. Hunting Now, I we will be discussing penguins hunting routines. You will learn who goes hunting, and when. The first thing you should know about when penguins go hunting, is that both male and females go hunting. The females go while the eggs are being watched by the males. The penguins hunt in groups. Sometimes, they could be gone for weeks because they couldn't find enough food. What they are looking for when they hunt is mostly krill, fish, and other sea creatures. Swimming If Penguins have to hunt for fish and krill, they would need to be really good swimmers. Penguins need to be skilled swimmer to catch thier food. They can swim at least 20 miles per hour. Although, different species of penguins are faster than others. That's pretty good for a bird. Compared to a Dolphin, who swim 32 miles per hour, is pretty slow. But it's odviously fast enough to catch fish and krill. What They Eat Predators You already know what penguins like to eat. But, some other animals like to snack on penguins. Although penguins aren't in the top ten endangered species, they still need to look out for thier predators. Their predators are, Sea Lepords, Fur Seals, Killer Whales, Sea Lions, and Sharks. All of these animals love to eat penuings when they have the chance. We all know how much food is important to us. And we all should know that food is good for animals too. Unfortunetely, food is not as easy to find in the wild. Lucky us, we can just walk into a store and buy food there. That's not the case for penguins. They have to swim in the ocean and hunt for thier food. When they are hunting, they are looking for underwater creatures such as fish, squid and krill. The chicks eat the females regurgitated food after she is done hunting. Mmmm... That's sounds good. How Much do They Eat On a regular basis, penguins eat as much as much as 20 fish per day. During mating season, they don't eat much. How much they eat also depends on if they feel sick. The chicks eat whatever the parents come back from hunting to feed them. The male and female take turns feeding the chick. We all eat more than penguins each day. But how much do they eat? Your about to find out how much penguins eat and even how much the chicks eat. Sea Lion Thank You! Thank you for watching my presentation about Penguins. I hope you enjoyed it and learnd something new! Sorces:

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