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Anitesh Sandhu

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Navajo

SOUTHWESTERN NAVAJO The Navajo!! :) THESE ARE THE FIVE NAVAJO NATIONS The Navajo lived in south western areas, as you can see by the previous photo those are five nations These are some fun facts Did you know that the Navajo was also called Dine?

The Navajo people were peace loving people.

The Anasazis predated the arrival of the Navajos in the southwest. They are the ancestors of the Pueblo and Hopi Indians

The Navajo are natives of the Four Corners region (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado). The Navajo people are still living in their traditional territory today.

The Navajo lived in hogans. A hogan was a domed shaped house with a wood frame and walls made out of clay.

Navajo clothing for both men and women initially was deerskin for shirts and skirts. The men later wore cotton or velvet shirts with no collars, breeches below the knee, and moccasins. Women gradually wore the "squaw dress," made of plain dark blankets

Primitively the men dressed in deerskin shirts, hip-leggings, moccasins, and native blankets.

Navajo have baskets they weave from three bare hands. Clothing The clothing of a tribe is very important because that some times that represents who they are. that is what the design had looked like for women this is what male cheif would where Homes The Navajos used to make their houses, called hogans, of wooden poles, tree bark and mud There are two types of hogans one of them is an igloo shaped house,made of mud and wood The other hogan looks like a different style it has an octagon base and a dome roof. Food Navajos ate mush and bread made from corn-meal it would look like this They would also eat,food is mutton, (boiled) and corn prepared in many ways. image right over there Natural resources the natural resources are water,meat, fur, wood, air, and oil. Traditions and beliefs First Man And First Woman

In the beginning, First Man and First Woman ascended from the underworld together with Coyote, leading the people through trials and tribulations into the surface world which became their home. Deciding that the sky was too empty with only Sun and Moon, First Man, First Woman and Coyote gathered up glittering stones and placed them in the sky to serve as stars.


First Woman's adopted daughter. To punish mankind for pride, First Man and First Woman sent a plague of monsters to kill and devour them. The time came when First Woman repented of the evils she and First Man had visited upon men, and she sought a means for their deliverance. First Woman discovered the infant Estanatlehi lying on the ground near First Woman's mountain, and took her in. The infant Estanatlehi grew to adulthood in four days. Making love with the Sun, she gave birth to the Twin Brothers who after many adventures slew the monsters.
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