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Would You Die for

No description

Marbles ermahgurd

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Would You Die for

Would You Die for Love?
20 Highschoolers were surveyed
The kind of love wasn't specified, so the results could be different if it was.
The people who said yes to dying for love, are just reincarnations of Romeo and Juliet (obviously).
Quiz Time!
What was Romeo's last name?

a. Foolishlyinsanseloverboywhowhinestoomuch
b. Capulet
c. Montague
d. Rashstupiddecisionmaker
Is There a kind of Love YOU Would Die for, dear audience member?
With whom is Romeo madly in love with in the first two
scenes of the play?

a. Himself
b. Mercutio
c. Juliet
d. Rosaline
What is the plan that Friar Lawrence comes up with so that Juliet doesn't have to marry Paris? Is this plan successful?
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt? And in doing so, what consequence does Romeo face?
Thats It!
If you correctly answered these questions, pat yourself
on the back!
If not... then give yourself a punch in the face!
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