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Should Pit Bulls be Banned?

No description

Erin Wilke

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Should Pit Bulls be Banned?

Should Pit Bulls be Banned?
What is the ban?

The ban that is placed on the Pit Bulls is called BSL which stands for Breed Specific Legislation. This is a law that was passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds.
With the help of the media and irresponsible owners, pit bulls have been given a bad reputation for many years. With this bad reputation city's and states have gone so far as to place a ban on this misunderstood breed.
What is the ban for?
The ban was passed because certain breeds
of dogs were inherently "vicious" or "dangerous". Since Pit Bull breeds are shown as being nothing but "vicious" and "dangerous" they were placed under this ban.
Many people are scared of Pit Bulls who have never encountered one or took the time to get to understand them. Instead, some people listen to the media and the rumors that are being spread about them. In the media, when they talk about a dog attack, they sometimes confuse that breed of the dog that attacked as a Pit Bull and farther instill fear into the minds of the people. Rumors have the same affect.
The Media
Fact or Fiction
One of the most common rumor about Pit Bulls is when they bite their jaws lock in place. This rumor is false. According to the ASPCA, “There is nothing unique about the anatomy of Pit Bull jaws. They do not lock.” They also explain that with determination Pit Bulls can grab and hold on. Pit Bulls do have strong jaw muscles but that does not mean that their jaws can lock.
Should Pit Bulls be responsible for their actions?
Any breed of Pit Bull should not have to suffer because of the owners actions; I believe it should be the owners who are punished.
According to Cesar, who is an expert on dogs and training, the reasoning for the ban on Pit Bulls was due to the 80's.
Dog fighting made a huge comeback in the 80's and Pit Bulls were their main choice. Even the drug dealers at the time used them as guard dogs.
Another common rumor that was spread is when a Pit Bull bites another dog they will start to bite people next. "Research confirms that aggressive dogs are no more likely to direct aggression toward people than dog who are not aggressive to other dogs." (ASPCA) Thankfully these rumors are not true and can shine some light on these misunderstood dogs.

Though this was not the tip of the iceberg, what pushed for the ban was when a two-year-old boy was killed in California from a Pit Bull that was guarding marijuana crops for a drug dealer.
Sadly Pit Bulls have no say as to who they want to be their owners to be nor does it have the choice of how it is to be handled.
For example, in Toledo, Ohio, on January 9, 2009, a restriction was placed on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixed breeds. In the restriction it states that, "Any Pit Bull or Pit Bull mixed breed dog which has been seized in connection with a violation of this section may be ordered destroyed or returned to its owner only on the condition that the dog is first spayed or neutered at owners expense." ("Toledo Municipal Code, Chapter 505.14(Limitations of Dangerous Dogs)" City of Toledo. 2009-09)
This is only made possible if the dog is with an irresponsible owner who does not make sure that they are not under violation and is not in the best interest for the dog.
Instead of punishing the dog, punish the owner and give the dog to a better home or when adopting, the potential owner should have a background check to ensure that the dog will have a good home.
Are Pit Bulls dangerous?

Many people argue till this day that Pit Bulls are much more dangerous than other dogs. For instance, the people of Beaumont Texas were trying to ban Pit Bulls because of an attack on some livestock by two Pit Bulls.
"Pit Bulls are simply more dangerous than other dogs. It is not the opinion of anyone prejudiced against this particular breed. It is a statistical fact." (Our view: Ban the breed, by Enterprise editorial staff.)
From another point of view one goes and says, "Banning Pit Bull dogs in Beaumont because of one unfortunate incident makes about as much sense as banning Glock pistols because that is what Jared Loughner used in Arizona.The specifics of the breed are secondary to this attack, if not irrelevant."
The person then goes on to say that the owner of these dogs was already given three citations for each dog for violating the laws.
Pit Bulls should not be banned because of the breed that they are or because of their owners. The ban should be lifted and instead of targeting the dog, the owners should be targeted and punished for being irresponsible and giving these dogs a bad reputation.
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