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should cloning be allowed


Niamh Maughan

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of should cloning be allowed

Should cloning be allowed? By Niamh Maughan, Anna Berrevoets, Jesley Fantolgo
and Hannah Burton
8Angela What is cloning? How does it happen? Does it do any good? Cloning We have a genetic code cell which
carry's all the information. each organ has all of this information from its father and from its mother. We are all grown from a cell that contains both of these DNA this is called a egg cell. In the process, the scientist take the DNA from a animal cell and plants it into the egg cell taken from another animal. Before implanting it the DNA of the recipient cell is removed. It takes five months before they are born. Cloning is when you take DNA from a egg cell because when you are born half of your fathers and half of your mothers information are inside of all your organs. Then the scientists take this DNA and they make a clone of whatever cell it was. Yes because if you have a sibling that
is sick then you can clone a family
member to get the right organs or
blood to save there life.
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