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Lord Of The Flies Themes

No description

Shane Murphy

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies Themes

Lord Of The Flies Themes
Shane Murphy
The conch was a symbol of civilization in the book The Lord Of The Flies. In the beginning of the book the conch was used to call meetings and to speak. In the middle of the book the conch was still used to call meetings but many of the boys ignored the rule that you need to have the conch to speak. Near the end of the book the conch is broken by jack and the savages, thus ending a large amount of symbolized civilization on the island.
For the most part, fire was a symbol of civilization in the book The Lord Of The Flies. In the begining the boys used the fire to create smoke in hopes of rescue. in the middle of the book the boys let the fire go out because they were too busy playing games instead of watching the fire. near the end of the book the fire is taken by jacks tribe and is used to cook meat.
Lord of The Flies
The Lord Of The Flies is the symbol of the devil or evil in the book. It was created when jack impaled the pigs head on a stick as a gift for the beast. We learn that the lord of the flies is evil when it has a conversation with Simon. Eventually the lord of the flies is destroyed by Ralph near the end of the book.
The Beast
The beast is the reason why there is so much savagery on the island. Even though we never clearly have a good description of the beast, it lies within all of the boys. The beast was thought to be a dead piolet shot down on the island but it turns out that the beast was really the fear of death.
In the beginning of the book Simon was the symbol of spirituality/ religion. he helped the littluns get fruit off of the trees like Jesus would preform miracles. In the middle of the book he has a conversation with the lord of the flies and it tells Simon that he and all of the boys will perish. Simon is eventually killed by the savages because they claimed that he was the beast.
In the beginning of the book Ralph was elected chief and had the majority of the power on the island. over time Ralph's power was being drained by jack because jack wanted to have fun and hunt along with most of the boys. Eventually ralph was all alone and civilization had completely left the island, until the navy officer showed up and rescued him before the savages had him killed.
In the beginning of the book jack was civilized like most of the boys. As time goes on jack starts to turn savage because he wanted to be chief. He eventually kills a pig and decided to start his own tribe of hunters. Near the end of the book every boy on the island has joined jacks tribe except Ralph, Piggy, and Simon. Piggy and Simon are killed by Jack and his savages, but Ralph managed to survive.
Piggy represented intellect and his glasses represented technology in the book. Piggy's glasses were used to make fire, they were eventually broken by Jack, then stolen by Jack's tribe so they could have their own fire. Eventually Piggy was killed by a savage named Roger and Ralph was the only one left on the island that remained civilized.
Civilization Time Line
The conch is found on the beach.
Ralph is elected chief.

The boys start a fire in hopes of a rescue.
The conch is shattered.
Ralph is the only remaining civilized person on the island.
A navy officer appears on the island and the boys are rescued.
Savagery time line
Ralph is elected chief and jack is upset
Jack and some other boys would rather hunt and play games than build huts.
Jack kills a pig and decides to make his own tribe of savages.
The savages kill Simon and Piggy.
The savages go after Ralph in hopes of destroying the remaining "Civilization" on the island.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Chapter 11
Chapter 2
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 9 and 11
Chapter 12
Human Nature
The boys crash on an island and are forced to try and survive until they are rescued.
Chapter 1
Most of the boys want to play games instead of build shelters or look for food.
Chapter 5
Spirituality and Religion
The Weak and The Strong
Chapter 4
In chapter 4, Jack punches Piggy in the stomach because he is a bully.
Chapter 8
Jack and his tribe raid Ralph's camp because they are at their weakest and take the fire.
Chapter 9
The tribe kills Simon to show they are stronger than the beast
Chapter 12
The tribe goes after Ralph because civilization is at its weakest
Chapter 3
Rodger throws rocks at Henry because he is small and Rodger is big.
Chapter 6
The beast makes the boys want to hunt and kill but in the end they all just want to be rescued
Chapter 8
Piggy doesn't believe in the beast because he is intellectual
Chapter 11
Ralph tries to restart the fire because he needs it for survival.
Chapter 3
Simon helps the littleuns get fruit, like Jesus would
Chapter 8
Simon walks to the top of the mountian to confront the beast
Chapter 9
Simon comes back to tell the boys about the beast but they kill him
Chapter 8
The Lord of the Flies tells Simon that he will die
Chapter 8
Simon passes out because of shock
-wants rules
-wants fire
-wants huts
-calls meetings
-uses conch to keep order

-wants rescue
-from england
-stranded on an island
-have their own faction
-get rescued
-Wants to hunt
-lets fire go out
-wears war paint
-hates meetings
-walks out on Ralph

Strong willed, confident, good leader,
Cocky, arrogant, intimidating
intelligent, logical, rational, disrespected
Rational, helpful, God-like, independent
Follower, mean/bully, immature
Small, unaware, weak, young
Twin brothers, childish/playful, clumsy
The Lord Of The Flies
Evil, grotesque, devilish
William Golding Timeline
Born in England on September 19Th 1911.
Died on June 19Th 1993
Awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1983.
Wrote the book The Lord Of The Flies, was published in 1954.
Joined the royal Navy in 1940
William Golding had an interesting path that led him to write his famous novel The Lord Of The Flies. One event that could have been a catalyst toward the novel was his experience in the royal navy. Golding spent some time fighting in World War II. He was at the battle of Normandy and served on a battle ship for most of his Military career. Although short lived, his time in the military had an impact on his writings.
His book The Lord Of The Flies was rejected by publishers several times
He spent an entire academic year at Collins College in the United States in the year 1961
William Golding was truly a student of the world. he spent most of his life in and out of universities, leaning about the world we he lived in. i think his time spent at school had an impact on his writing of The Lord Of The Flies.
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