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Prime Minister of ... Canada!!!

I'm doing on Jean

Zorain Khan

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Prime Minister of ... Canada!!!

Jean Chrétien OUR 20th PRIME
OF CANADA Jean ChrÈtien the 20th prime minister of canada. he is a retired politican. jean chrÈtien born IN SHAWINIGAN, QUeBEC ON JANUARY 11TH 1934. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT

Jean Chretien resigned from the House of Commons in 1986 and returned to the practice of law.

•Jean Chretien was first elected to the House of Commons in 1963

•He was elected to the House of Commons again in 1990

When Jean was a kid he went to boarding school, where he worked hard at getting into trouble and not studying trying to get expelled so that he could go back home.

VIDEO TO END THIS PRESENTATION WE WILL WATCH JEAN CHRETIEN ON TV improvement in Canadian economy, including eliminating deficit and a budget surplus for five straight years. •active social agenda included Child Tax Benefitpassed.

Clarity Bill saying Quebec can only separate after a solid majority votes "yes" on a clear question.

worked for global ban on land mines.

pushed for establishment of International Criminal.
PERSONAL LIFE TIME IN OFFICE november 4 1993- December 12 2003 Jean Chrtien married to Marie Boisvert-Chrétien in 1968.

He was the eighteenth of nineteen children

won a scholarship to Laval University Law School in Quebec City

jean's dad wanted him to be come a layer but he ended being the prime minister of canada (which is better than being a layer)
TYPE OF PARTY When jean was running for prime minister the type of party he had is a Liberal party. MINWAR IS A STUPID GUY
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