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Pi Day

No description

Sara Haynes

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Pi Day

Pi Day 2012 March 14th geometric solids that have circular cross-sections Cone Sphere cylinder US city with a ZIP code containing the first 5 digits of pi Savannah Georgia 31415 capital letters of the alphabet – in block style – with rotational symmetry H I N O S X Z 3 extra... US state which tried to legislate a value for pi Indiana, 1897 area of circle: Pi r squared
circumference of circle: 2 pi r
volume of cylinder: pi r squared X h
surface area of cylinder: 2 pi r h + 2 pi r squared
volume of sphere : 3/4 pi r cubed Cannot write the following formulas with the pi symbol :( labels or advertisements for products which use circles in their name or logo 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. US cities with names that have references to something circular – cities
should not both be in the same state Moon, South Dakota Sun City, California Washington Virginia Tennessee Florida Missouri Kansas sports or games which use a circle or a sphere in their play baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse 5 formulas that include pi... US state flags which include circles in their design famous people with birthdays on March 14 Albert Einstein (1879), Billy Crystal (1948), Michael Caine (1933) movie titles with references to something circular Lord of the Rings HOLES Mystic Pizza The Clock Carousel song titles with references to something circular Ring Around the Rosie, Ring of Fire, The Wheels on the
Bus, Circle of Life, Eclipse, Circles, Clocks, Spheres, Pi kinds of candy that come in circular pieces M&Ms Sweet tarts Gobstoppers Reese's Skittles Whoppers Lifesavers Reese's pieces recipes for different kinds of pie Happy Pi Day!
The End....
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